Digital Marketing Specialists You Need For 2019

Digital Marketing Specialists

As important as it is to have a marketing plan for your business, there’s a lot more to it than just that to be successful. The true structure and key to success are rooted in your marketing team. It’s the people that plan, execute, modify and keep up with the marketing trends who can make or break the growth of your digital marketing. Hiring Digital Marketing Specialists should be a priority for the success of your business.

If you want to stay ahead of the game in 2019 then it’s crucial that you have an on-point digital marketing team. There are a few spots that should be filled, but it’s understandable that it may not be possible to fill all roles if you’re are a smaller company. No need to worry. Just because you’re smaller or may not have the budget for all, doesn’t mean you still can’t be successful. Instead, companies must choose the key roles that will fulfill the digital marketing needs.

Here are the 3 key roles to fill in 2019 for digital marketing:

Social Media Marketer

It’s one thing to find someone who can do social media marketing, it’s another to find someone who lives and breathes it. Social media has changed over the years. Now, it’s more than just posting content here and there without rhyme or reason. It’s important to find a Social Media Marketer who can run successful Facebook Ad campaigns, monitor and track results and produce viable content. It’s also important for them to be ahead of the trends, especially for 2019.

Video Marketing Specialist

Video Marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends in 2019. Users engage more with visual content over anything else. Facebook has caught on to this and allows for posts and ads to rank higher in News Feeds. Live streaming was a game-changer for marketing. Whether it be on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live or even Periscope, the live video took the crown and will continue to be on the rise. It’s important to hire someone who can leverage video content and stay on and ahead of the trend in 2019.

Website Developer

If your website isn’t suited for digital marketing, then it’s time to change that. Even if your website is up to par, the need for fine-tuning is always there. SEO and optimization are also vital for the success of your online traffic and tracking. Hiring someone who can constantly be on top of your website, can make or break your how smoothly your website runs. Design elements are also important, along with finding solutions to any problems that may arise at the drop of hat. Website developers understand the backend and that is really where everything stems from.

Hiring a team of Digital Marketing Specialists that can bring results in the new year is what your true focus should be. Your marketing team is the key to your business success and it will make you thrive in your digital marketing strategies.

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5 Tips To Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Gain New Followers Instagram

Instagram boasts of over 700 million monthly active users – that’s double the monthly active users on Twitter and over 3 times as many users as on Whatsapp.

While you could just share text and a few images on all other social networks and still make those platforms work for your business, Instagram demands visual content – photos, videos, graphics, images, and more. That’s also precisely why Instagram might not be a good fit for your business if you can’t extend your content creation into visual. But since Instagram is big and is baked directly into Facebook’s portfolio of products, it makes sense to be on Instagram and grow your presence there regardless of your business type or whether or not your business renders itself as a natural fit for images.

Your Due Diligence Matters

When you want to make Instagram work for you, try to milk the most out of the platform. A large part of doing this right is to do your due diligence. For instance, be sure to fill out and complete your profile 100%. Post that, add the location (especially if your business is local). Location tagging alone makes your content more relevant and engaging by about 79%.

Right from the start, get into the habit of using hashtags (those are big on Instagram) – you use general tags to help people discover your content and you also use branded tags pertinent to your business. By using hashtags alone, you’ll boost your content engagement by 12.6%. 

Share continuously. Not in Spurts

As it is true for any social network, strive to share your visual content continuously by scheduling your updates as much as possible. The only way to rise above is to be consistent at what you do. This applies to the content you share on Instagram. Most businesses make the mistake of uploading images or content a couple of times and leave it at that.

Doing content updates in spurts never helps (this is also true for all content across social, your blog posts, guest blogging efforts, and pretty much anything you do on digital marketing).

Use a combination of Images & Videos

Some of the most popular videos on Instagram are anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. The video is most effective at getting higher engagement rates with your followers on Instagram.

gain new followers InstagramWhile products automatically make for great video shots and angles, even service businesses now have ways to create short videos to help explain services a lot better than what images and text can do. What goes on Instagram can also go on Facebook and this double exposure gets you all the juice you need. Just make sure that your video assets don’t have to depend on sound or audio of any kind since over 85% of videos are watched without audio.

Images are the staple but videos get two times more engagement. Using both images and videos gives you a good chance for visibility and engagement.

Use Various Formats available

With Instagram, you have regular image-based or video-based updates that you would normally default to while sharing content. However, there are a ton more options for you. Consider Instagram Stories which boasts to 250 million active users – a format unique to Instagram which didn’t even exist a few years ago.

For the images themselves, Instagram lets you post portrait style photos and also landscape styled onesTry various formats, image sizes (as specified by Instagram), and content mix varieties to see which of those variants work best.

Time Your Content Sharing

On Instagram, timing is everything. While you strive to be as regular as possible with your sharing schedule, it’s found that audiences engage better on weekdays than on weekends. Also depending on where you are, there are specific stats that surfaced as far as the United States is concerned:

Mondays are better than the rest of the days. Posting your content at 3 PM doesn’t help much, and 9 PM happens to be the best time to post.

The results will differ but you’ll realize what kind of timing works for you “after” you start publishing and when you have your eye out for analytics to help determine the best posting schedule that works for your business.   

How does your Instagram activity look like? 

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


Facebook Live: Why It’s Important & How To Use It

Facebook Live

Facebook now has over 2.01 billion users and almost half of them are active every single day. For businesses of all sizes, a lack of presence on Facebook can be cripplling, to say the least, and it’ll only grow in size, popularity, and sheer potential. That’s where Facebook Live comes in. 

The video is getting to be an undeniably powerful medium to get your messages out there. It’s a way to share stories about your brand, receive high engagement, grow your influence, and for better lead generation. With that being said, you didn’t think Facebook wasn’t going to let the incredible power of video pass you by, did you? The regular videos you post on Facebook are likely to get more engagement and traction. Plus, if you were to use videos as ads on Facebook Advertising, you’re set to gain even more. 

But, Facebook won’t stop at just that. It wants you to show up (as an individual or as a brand) and it wants you to engage more with your followers (or maybe build an entirely new follower base). Facebook wants you to get into action.

For that, it introduced Facebook Live in April 2016. Facebook live combines today’s standard of live streaming and the sheer reach (and effectiveness) of video, all rolled into one. Since the launch, marketers, and businesses report that their live videos get 3X more engagement. Currently, more than a million individuals and marketers are already harnessing the power of live video.

Here’s how you should use Facebook Live for your own business:

Use Facebook Live for Engagement

With video being powerful and Facebook with its unlimited capacity to distribute your content,  imagine the exposure and reach that does for your business. However, if you just slap an ad on Facebook or boost your posts, you’re only going to get so far.

With teaching, training, and engaging by providing value, you stand out from your competitors. Facebook Live allows you to make yourself incredibly valuable by sharing tips, news, information, and answering questions as you speak.

Facebook Live not only lets you stream content but also engage with your viewers in real time. Comments come in as you speak, making it feel like an in-person office setting.

The more you do Facebook Live, the more engagement you have on Facebook. This, in turn, builds up your influence, makes you trustworthy, and helps you sell better.

Build Your Audiences

When was the last time you purchased something? Chances are that you Googled the product or read some reviews online. That’s how most people start their shopping today. Some even do it even when they are standing in the aisle of a store as well. 

The biggest problem most businesses have when they get started is lack of social proof and the fact that your potential customers don’t know you yet. You can change that with Facebook Live. Facebook allows you to tag and track people who watch your videos (including Facebook Live) as audiences.

These are your audiences and you’ve earned them. If and when you are ready to make a pitch, promote your products or services, or to make an offer, you could use these audiences to make highly-relevant offers.

Do mini-webinars

Webinars, when you do them right, are extremely powerful ways to bring in a piece of you to the board, to show that you are real and that you know your stuff. Plus, it immediately dissolves the anonymity that’s a part of your Internet presence.

Webinars are the closest you could get to in-person communication. Now, doing webinars for lead generation, branding, or sales is all about planning, hustle, content, and execution. Sometimes, you don’t need to walk the full mile. Instead, use Facebook Live to create mini-webinars. Go deep on any subject (that relates to your business), just pick a singular topic and touch base on that subject when you’re doing your Live.

Events & Meetups

As a business owner, chances are that you attend meetups in your local area. You might be a part of associations and networks. Maybe you even host your own meetups or events. Every event or meetup you host (or attend) is an opportunity to do a Facebook Live session.

Just by hooking up your smartphone, you could convert that otherwise completely offline event into an online one and get several times more exposure than what you’d normally get.


You could use interviews in several ways, and put all the content up (as they happen) in a Facebook Live. If you have an actual office where clients come and visit, conduct interviews with them. Have them speak out about their challenges and their input on how they solved them. Have a retail store? Ask them to say a word or two about their recent purchase.

On the flip side, if you are being interviewed by a blogger, a podcast host, or even your local magazine or a journalist, stream that content live as well.

If you are interested in specifics and the nitty-gritty of how to start doing Facebook Live read up on this Facebook Live Guide by Sophia at HubSpot.

Are you Live on Facebook yet? 

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.