Snapchat Did a Redesign and It Was Not a Hit

Snapchat Redesigned

Last year Snapchat redesigned their layout in the UK, Australia, and Canada to help monetize its service by adding in more advertising. However, the transition has proven that it did not go over well with users.

The social media platform rolled out its new look at the end of last year and the results are not what Snapchat was hoping for. 83% of reviews on the App Store were negative from their users. Many complained that their feeds weren’t in chronological order and that overall, it was downright confusing. Not exactly what you want to hear from your users.

User Tweets

Many users have actually tried to contact Snapchat on Twitter. They wanted to voice their concerns and frustrations and took it to Twitter since there is no way to contact them on the actual Snapchat app.

Snapchat redesigned

Snapchat redesigned

Snapchat redesigned

According to TechCrunch, only 17% gave the new design a three to a five-star review.

Why the change

The hopes were that the new redesign would boost Snapchat’s revenue. The channel has been dropping in popularity over the last year and fell short of Wall Street earnings expectations in Q3. That led to a $443 million loss. “The redesign mixes Stories, where Snapchat shows ads but which have seen stagnation in sharing rates amidst competition from Instagram Stories, into the more popular messaging inbox, where Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging is more differentiated and entrenched,” according to TechCrunch.

The redesign also stops users from being able to watch a lot of people’s Stories in a row. Instead, users do not have to tap a preview of the next person’s Story before you can watch it.

Snapchat’s Response

So what did Snapchat have to say in regard to the concerns users have? “Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.” So it looks like this new redesign might be here to stay, even if users aren’t a fan of it.

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Top Tips To use LinkedIn To Gain Sales

LinkedIn Sales

Apart from keeping tabs of trending topics on Twitter and staying connected with your personal network on Facebook, businesses have an ever-growing presence on LinkedIn and use it to up their sales. Consumers connect with brands, and brands strive to connect with both potential and existing customers. Together, it’s one busy collection of content being created and consumed by both consumers and businesses.

Talking about businesses, no other network holds more prominence & relevance as much as LinkedIn does. As on the last count, according to Fortune, LinkedIn boasts half of a billion users, spread out across 200 countries, and is now owned by Microsoft.

Using LinkedIn, you can turn your own professional profile exactly the way you want the world to know you as — whether that be as an individual, a professional, a founder/entrepreneur, a job seeker, a specialist, etc. On LinkedIn, you can also create your company or brand page and also list showcase pages.

LinkedIn can also be best used for direct prospecting using social selling or sales prospectingAs the folks at LinkedIn Sales Solutions, write:

linkedin sales

Sales prospecting is what it sounds like: Sifting through a mountain of businesses and individuals to uncover the prospects who are most likely to convert into paying customers with a little effort, like a miner panning for gold. Like prospecting for gold, it takes a lot of time. But first, it also relies on knowing where to look. Complicating the process is the changing way businesses and individuals find vendors, qualify them and make the decision to strike a deal.

Here are top tips to use LinkedIn to ramp up sales and to bring in some hard-earned cash:

Get Strategic With Sales

Sales, as we know it, has changed. It’s no longer about knocking doors and trying to dodge doorkeepers. It’s no longer about talking to as many people as you can. Sales today is social. Social selling is strategic.

You won’t be able to log into LinkedIn and start prospecting without a strategy. You get to the strategy part by walking into it blind. Try to answer the following questions so that you can position yourself better and know exactly what you are trying to achieve:

    1. Exactly what are you trying to sell? The answer should be the benefits of what you sell and not product names, brand names, and feature lists.
    2. Who is your customer persona? Who exactly fits the bill for the perfect customer? What are they listed as on LinkedIn?
    3. What resonates with the specific audience that you defined in point 2? What do they write about? What do they talk about? What do they read about? 
    4. What is the best way to reach them and to start a relationship with them?

Build, Maintain, and Nurture Your Prospect List

There’s no point trying to reach out to everyone on LinkedIn. First, not everyone is your customer. Second, spraying and praying won’t work on a network like LinkedIn where most people are busy anyway. Third, reaching out without relevance & context is futile.

Once you identify your audience and know who they are (complete with names of individuals or company names), sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then, make a complete of your audience members/companies to start following them and to stay active with their LinkedIn updates. Start nurturing your list at scale. Maintain small talk, comment on their LinkedIn posts, congratulate them on respective job changes, etc.

There’s “social” in social selling, see?

Give before you ask

One of the biggest mistakes you can do when connecting is to “ask” for things right away.

    • Would you like to buy this shiny object I have?
    • Want to sign up for a free trial?
    • Can I send in our presentation? When can we get on a call?
    • Would you be able to add a link to my latest blog post on your website?

See where you go wrong here? You ask even before you have established a relationship. You ask thinking that the other person owes you a favor.

So, why do you ending up asking first? Because it’s easier and safer to ask first instead of just giving something away and building the sale over time and with patience. It’s almost impossible to get anything meaningful going with this approach.

The hard way — and the right way — to do it is to “give”.  Link to others’ blog posts before you ask someone else to link to you. Give valuable insights, go out of your way to help, and make a difference in their lives before you ask. 

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Facebook Live: Why It’s Important & How To Use It

Facebook Live

Facebook now has over 2.01 billion users and almost half of them are active every single day. For businesses of all sizes, a lack of presence on Facebook can be cripplling, to say the least, and it’ll only grow in size, popularity, and sheer potential. That’s where Facebook Live comes in. 

The video is getting to be an undeniably powerful medium to get your messages out there. It’s a way to share stories about your brand, receive high engagement, grow your influence, and for better lead generation. With that being said, you didn’t think Facebook wasn’t going to let the incredible power of video pass you by, did you? The regular videos you post on Facebook are likely to get more engagement and traction. Plus, if you were to use videos as ads on Facebook Advertising, you’re set to gain even more. 

But, Facebook won’t stop at just that. It wants you to show up (as an individual or as a brand) and it wants you to engage more with your followers (or maybe build an entirely new follower base). Facebook wants you to get into action.

For that, it introduced Facebook Live in April 2016. Facebook live combines today’s standard of live streaming and the sheer reach (and effectiveness) of video, all rolled into one. Since the launch, marketers, and businesses report that their live videos get 3X more engagement. Currently, more than a million individuals and marketers are already harnessing the power of live video.

Here’s how you should use Facebook Live for your own business:

Use Facebook Live for Engagement

With video being powerful and Facebook with its unlimited capacity to distribute your content,  imagine the exposure and reach that does for your business. However, if you just slap an ad on Facebook or boost your posts, you’re only going to get so far.

With teaching, training, and engaging by providing value, you stand out from your competitors. Facebook Live allows you to make yourself incredibly valuable by sharing tips, news, information, and answering questions as you speak.

Facebook Live not only lets you stream content but also engage with your viewers in real time. Comments come in as you speak, making it feel like an in-person office setting.

The more you do Facebook Live, the more engagement you have on Facebook. This, in turn, builds up your influence, makes you trustworthy, and helps you sell better.

Build Your Audiences

When was the last time you purchased something? Chances are that you Googled the product or read some reviews online. That’s how most people start their shopping today. Some even do it even when they are standing in the aisle of a store as well. 

The biggest problem most businesses have when they get started is lack of social proof and the fact that your potential customers don’t know you yet. You can change that with Facebook Live. Facebook allows you to tag and track people who watch your videos (including Facebook Live) as audiences.

These are your audiences and you’ve earned them. If and when you are ready to make a pitch, promote your products or services, or to make an offer, you could use these audiences to make highly-relevant offers.

Do mini-webinars

Webinars, when you do them right, are extremely powerful ways to bring in a piece of you to the board, to show that you are real and that you know your stuff. Plus, it immediately dissolves the anonymity that’s a part of your Internet presence.

Webinars are the closest you could get to in-person communication. Now, doing webinars for lead generation, branding, or sales is all about planning, hustle, content, and execution. Sometimes, you don’t need to walk the full mile. Instead, use Facebook Live to create mini-webinars. Go deep on any subject (that relates to your business), just pick a singular topic and touch base on that subject when you’re doing your Live.

Events & Meetups

As a business owner, chances are that you attend meetups in your local area. You might be a part of associations and networks. Maybe you even host your own meetups or events. Every event or meetup you host (or attend) is an opportunity to do a Facebook Live session.

Just by hooking up your smartphone, you could convert that otherwise completely offline event into an online one and get several times more exposure than what you’d normally get.


You could use interviews in several ways, and put all the content up (as they happen) in a Facebook Live. If you have an actual office where clients come and visit, conduct interviews with them. Have them speak out about their challenges and their input on how they solved them. Have a retail store? Ask them to say a word or two about their recent purchase.

On the flip side, if you are being interviewed by a blogger, a podcast host, or even your local magazine or a journalist, stream that content live as well.

If you are interested in specifics and the nitty-gritty of how to start doing Facebook Live read up on this Facebook Live Guide by Sophia at HubSpot.

Are you Live on Facebook yet? 

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


Why You Should Use YouTube For Your Business

Use YouTube Business

Use YouTube Business

Almost 80% (which is over 1,000 million) of all Internet users in the United States watch over six billion hours worth of video on YouTube, according to Social BakersYouTube is a must for businesses and brands that want to share stories and for marketers who want to get some traffic to their web pages. It’s also great for a business that wants to communicate with impact and to generate leads to build their business.

For businesses today, it’s all about “Don’t just say it; show it”. YouTube allows you to do just that. Millions of users subscribe to their favorite YouTube brands, celebrities, and channels every day. Every subscription is a vote of commitment from users to those respective YouTube channels.

To begin, you will need to set up a  YouTube channel as your business. Your goal is to then use the power of video and the strength of the community to help grow your business. If you’re not sure if YouTube really applies to your company, keep reading.

Here are some reasons why you should be using YouTube for your business:

Video leads to high engagement

According to TJmcCue of American Express, more than 100 million users engage with the videos they watch on YouTube in some way or form. This means that they like, comment, and share videos. On repeat engagement, they even subscribe to channels to make sure they don’t miss out on new video updates.

User engagement is the precursor to the high-interest customer base for your business. The more engaging your videos and YouTube channel is, the more potential and existing customers tend to recall your brand. They will also trust your communication and feel more comfortable to spend (when they are ready to spend).

Improved conversion rates

Christine Austin of Impactbnd said that over 52% of consumers who watched product videos stated that they are more confident about their impending purchase decisions. Businesses that use video for marketing report more than 72% improvement in conversion rates.

In essence, most of the time the sale is already done while your prospects watch your videos. By the time they decide on a purchase, they are already sold. All you have to do  is to have a way for them to make the purchase. Be it an e-commerce store, an appointment, a phone call, an in-person visit, or whatever services that your company offers.

Make those messages stick

More than 95% of viewers retain messages better when they watch a video (compared to only 10% retention with text). When you start communicating with your customer base with videos, they’ll remember your messages longer. The impact you’ll be making is undeniably impactful. This leads to a better brand recall, more confidence in your brand, and higher sales, compared to not using video.

Active video views and increasing subscriptions, watch time, retention, and engagement are all signs that you are doing well. The content you drip out, the engagement you brew up, and the overall activity on your YouTube channel are all proof that you are getting close to doing well with your marketing.

By 2019, 80% of all global Internet traffic (and 85% of all United States Internet Traffic) will find its way to video, according to Cisco.

From videos to sales

Let’s say, as a business, you care less about branding, engagement, user retention, and video views. If all you cared about was lead generation and sales, a video will still be powerful as a part of your digital marketing strategy. With tools — like Wistia’s Turnstile  — you can let viewers watch a video and sign up as leads. Another idea would be to showcase or demonstrate your products or services and have them click right through to make direct transactions with your business.

Persuasion is a major requirement for effective and sustainable sales. Videos fill in the gap by allowing you to persuade, influence, and sell at a scale that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Are you using video as a part of your social media strategy? Tell us about it.  

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Entrepreneurs: Why Multi-Tasking Might be Holding You Back?


Let’s get right to it, entrepreneurs end up doing a million things just to get your business running. The fact that you have to wear multiple hats, especially when you are just starting out, can be stressful enough. This doesn’t mean that the usual “multi-tasking” really has any truth to it. Just because you have to manage almost every aspect of your business doesn’t mean multitasking is an effective way to do things.

When entrepreneurs approach the various macro aspects of their business (such as marketing, finance, operations, and logistics), you might have to do it all.

But when you get to the level of projects, tasks, and whatever it is that you’d need to do today, multi-tasking isn’t the best way to go about it.

Gary Keller, in his book, The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, stresses on why you should do fewer things for more effect (and impact) than doing more things that only have side effects.

Success, according to Gary, is built sequentially. He believes that when you focus and do “one thing” right, it works like small dominoes toppling the larger dominoes (and all you have to do is to stack them right).


In short, concentrate on doing one thing at a time.

Typically, entrepreneurs might have to deal with customers every day. As this is happening, you’ll need the marketing engine running. This could be a small marketing engine with simple social media marketing and a monthly email marketing plan for example. Lastly, you need to set up and send invoices (or build a way to accept payments online or offline).

You could do all that, and you should.

Planning your day should have a “mastery” focus and not “mere completion or closure” focus.

As Gary Keller puts it,

Make sure every day you do what matters most. When you know what matters most, everything makes sense. When you don’t know what matters most, anything makes sense.

But it’s not just Gary Keller who thinks multi-tasking won’t work; there’s research to prove it.

People who consider themselves to be great multitaskers are often the worst multi-taskers of all – they are clumsy, they make more mistakes, and they often have to repeat what they do over and over since they don’t get it right the first time around.

In another study, noted by Wired, children perform worse on their homework when simultaneously watching TV. The article continues on to say employees are more productive when they don’t check their email as frequently as they normally would.

For an average entrepreneur, the risk of multi-tasking leads to inefficiency, spending time on meaningless tasks, and resulting stress.

There’s a better way for you: It’s called single-tasking.

When you do something, put your focus completely on it until it’s completed. Then, move on to the next task at hand.

What do you prefer, multi-tasking or single-tasking? Tell us in the comments below!

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Important Social Media Trends You Need to Know About For 2018

Social Media Trends

Social media is a key factor in any business. The growth, importance, and relevance has been on the rise for years. In 2017 social media has proven to be one of the most important elements needed for a business to be successful.

Organization and being ahead of the game are important elements when managing social media. It’s good to know what trends and platforms are up-and-coming or changing. For instance, Facebook has soft-launched its new platform, “Watch”, which will play a major role in changing the game for how do you watch videos and gather information and entertainment on Facebook. As for organization, a great way to set your self up for success is to be as on top of your social media game by planning and then executing content from a social media calendar. This alone can set you apart from the rest.

With 2018 quickly approaching, it’s important to know ahead of time what is going to be hot in social media. Being aware and planning for these trends will help companies be more prepared. It will help you attack your social media marketing strategy full force and with the confidence of what your company needs to bring to the table.

So, what is the forecast for 2018? These four social media trends are what you need to know and start planning for, in 2018!

Social Media Is Focused on Mobile

It’s no secret that everyone is on their phone nowadays. In fact, people do more from their phone than they do on their desktops and that is going to continue to rise over the next few years, making desktops only necessary for work, not for anything else, really. More and more apps are geared solely for mobile already, like Instagram and Snapchat. Currently, Facebook makes 84% of its revenue from mobile, showcasing that yes, most social media users are scrolling it from their phones. When planning, creating and posting on social media in 2018, companies need to remember that their calls-to-action have to have mobile users in front of their mind.

Social Media Trends

Chatbots Are Here to Stay

Chatbots have arrived and are already gaining traction in the social media marketing world. Facebook Messaging has become insanely popular for business and customer relationships. Consumers can reach out to companies to ask questions, make comments, etc. It has become a new line of customer service interaction, instead of phone or email support. The problem is that customers want an instant response and companies can’t always meet that need. This is why specific customer service numbers and emails were created.

Now, Chatbots have transformed and become the new customer service interaction. The sooner you can reply, the better. Meeting clients and potential customer needs are a high priority, which is why Facebook Messenger bots have become so popular. The most attractive aspect of utilizing a Chatbot is the ability to provide instant engagement that feels personal. Chatbots are there for your customers around the clock,” says James Memije, founder of AccuServ Heating & Air Conditioning.

Social Media Trends

The video is Where It’s At

Videos started to become the trend for your social media marketing strategy for 2017 and it’s still going to play a major role in 2018. Facebook ads that feature a video, are attracting way more engagement than an ad without one. This helps to build your organic audience as well, which is what businesses aim for- authentic customers they can gain and keep. Instagram and Snapchat Stories are on fire right now, especially Instagram for Business. You can tell a story, showcase news and products and just connect with your audience through video content, helping boost and aid in your social media success. It’s a quick and easy way to provide content to your customers, get right to the point and it’s really an inexpensive way to target your audience.

Social Media Trends

Keep Platforms Even If They Are Similar

It’s no secret that Snapchat came out with Stories first and that Facebook and Instagram then created something very similar. However, just because they feature the same concept of what they do, doesn’t mean they aren’t different. In 2018, it’s important to remember that just because social media platforms are similar doesn’t mean you should get rid of them that easily.

You must make sure that you are broad with your online marketing strategy. Each platform is different and can cater to a different audience. Snapchat is great if you are looking to target the younger generation, where Facebook is great to connect with an older audience, but that everyone is still on in the end. Instagram, well that’s the platform that is really hot with Millennials right now, so that is a key one to be focusing on, especially in the new year. Do your research and see where your audience and clients are most likely to be focusing on and do that. Don’t just get rid of platforms because they all seem the same.

Social Media Trends

2018 is the year that will enhance social media marketing even more, especially on mobile and through video. Watch for the latest trends and plan according to what your clients and potential clients are looking for, wanting and engaging in.

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms. 



A Simplified Guide to Digital Marketing For Non-Techies

Digital Marketing Guide

On average, more than 40,000 search queries every second. That’s a total of 3.5 billion searches per day, and roughly 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide – that’s how many people “search” just on GooglePotential customers are searching for “the problem that your business solves” among those searches as well. That’s why it’s important to have a sustainable presence on the web and to make your digital marketing presence work for you.

According to OurSocialTimes, spending on advertising on social media already surpassed that of the good old television. Facebook now dominates the ad revenue spectrum on social (with a 67.9% share) and the total ad spend on social media (across networks) is slated to touch $31 billion. Facebook and its billion+ users along with several million users across Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Snapchat, also have your potential customers lounging about them.

If you are a business owner, getting a powerful business presence on digital media is no longer “nice to have”. You are either on digital media, the right way, and make it work for your business, or you fade away into non-existence. The takeaway here is that you must be using social media to enhance your company and keep it up to par with the times.

Didn’t take those first steps yet? Here’s a simple guide to ensure you do:

Say hello to Inbound marketing

Traditionally, businesses are accustomed to “reaching out” to customers through media with ads and messages. This is known as, outbound marketing or interruption marketing. You reach out to your customers, convince, sell, communicate and persuade them to buy your product or to invest in your business. Although there is nothing wrong with that, there is now a more efficient approach to targeting your audience.

Digital marketing is predominantly inbound marketing. Instead of pushing products, you push information out. Instead of depending on expensive media such as television, you depend on continuous content production to reach customers. When you do reach your customers, you don’t “sell”. Instead, you inform, educate, and keep them engaged.

It all begins with your website.

For most businesses, websites are just traditional websites. They are simply digital brochures with just an address on the web. However, you need more than just that. What you need is a way to your website to bring you results (which could be branding, leads, sales, etc.).

Digital marketing, when you do it right, makes your website an informational hub for your potential customers. Are you a dentist? Your website becomes the hub of information, tips, and insights for all things related to dental care. Making a living as a real estate agent? Your website lists out properties available for rent or sale. Plus, it also delivers the best tips for your customers on how to rent, how to buy, how to negotiate mortgage rates and more.

See how it works?

Digital Channels- Noted!

Traditional advertising depends on the media. There’s television, radio, and print. Similarly, digital media depends on content produced on schedule. This includes a blog on your website, social media and other ways of communication, such as email and mobile.

You are essentially following the Traffic – Leads – Sales paradigm by using content, SEO, social media, and email. This allows you to get people to notice what you publish. You get them engaged and interested, collect leads and nurture those leads to make sales.  

Digital marketing also has an “outbound” component to it in the form of doing advertising on platforms such as Google and Facebook (but that’s for another blog post).

You’ll need to put in the effort to make yourself found, liked and trusted by your existing and potential customers.

The Internet allows you to do just that. Are you up for it?

Let’s help your marketing plans! We can help create, manage and execute a creative digital marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms. GIVE US A CALL TODAY AT 866-269-8328 OR TEXT US TO INFORMATION@VERAPAX.COM!

The Importance of a Social Media Content Calendar

Social Media Content Calendar

If you have a business, run a business or work in a business, chances are that business has a social media marketing content strategy and plan in place. It’s 2019, which means it is the key to success in a business to produce engaging, high-quality content that can be shared on all social media platforms. That ranges from blog posts and newsletters to the widely popular Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Back when social media first showed up on the scene, it was almost mindless to post something that could gain traction very easily. A person didn’t have to put much thought into what they were posting, the time of day it would go out or even if it would truly make an impact on anyone, because back then it didn’t have the significance it does today.

While having a social media presence in your company is highly important, it still isn’t enough to just keep it as an after-thought or as a once-in-a-while type of engagement. Here’s the kicker, it takes even more than just being active on your social media platforms, it takes consistency and it takes planning. It’s what can make or break you from your competitor and it can be the difference of what sets you apart from the rest.

So how do you do that? How do you make sure you are staying on top of your social media marketing game? How do you make sure you are, in fact, being consistent and how, after all that, do you make sure that you are giving your audience exactly what they are looking for? The answer is simple, actually. Your company must create, plan and execute from a Social Media Content Calendar.

Social Media Content Calendar
via Hubspot

A Social Media Content Calendar is the most important tool you can have in your online social media marketing. This calendar is the place where you can plan all of your content in advance. It’s the place where you can organize everything, making your time and effort more efficient in the long run. Having your calendar is where you can log everything that is being done online and it’s where you can track what has already been done and when. It’s where your social media expert can reference to make sure you are cross-promoting your product or post according.

You can keep track of times when you want to schedule your posts and days where your monthly newsletter is supposed to go out. It’s also always great for keeping everyone in the company in the loop of when things are set to go out, when graphics or artwork is due for specific posts and when your website and SEO expert can give you reports on what is working and what isn’t with driving traffic to your website from social media platforms or ad campaigns being run. It’s the tool that will make your life easier and your company, business, and your team more successful with your online presence.

Take our advice and get your Social Media Content Calendar started today! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms. GIVE US A CALL TODAY AT 866-269-8328 OR TEXT US TO INFORMATION@VERAPAX.COM 


Facebook Launches Its New Platform, ‘Watch’

Facebook Watch

It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook introduced us to their live video streaming platform, Facebook Live. Now, the beyond highly successful social media company is kicking things up a notch and launching a new platform, Watch.

Watch, is the new home for online shows. It consists of everything from live sports, reality TV, comedy, scripted programs, informative and anything else you can think of that will let creators connect with their online audience.

The new platform will be organized under a show page, rather than being organized by a place or profile page. Any content produced exclusively for it by partners will earn 55 percent of ad break revenue while Facebook ends up keeping 45 percent of it.

According to Tech Crunch, “Watch features personalized recommendations of live and recorded shows to watch, plus categories like “Most Talked About,” “What’s Making People Laugh” and “Shows Your Friends Are Watching.” When companies create their shows, they can also share it on their News Feed to allow their followers to see the new content and to help people discover them. There will also be an option on the Watchlist feature that will allow people to subscribe to updates alerting them of new episodes of their favorite shows.  Shows will also be linked to Groups, allowing fans to connect with each other and the creators.

As of right now, only a limited number of users in the U.S will be able to use Watch. In the beginning, the platform will only put out content from creators who have either been invited by Facebook and/or who have invested money in participating in the rollout. Eventually Watch will feature a much broader group, but for now, it is limited.

The “Inquiry” page also has a drop-down menu that suggests options for a wide range of people to create content, including, artists, individual producers, musicians, sports and media organizations.

Facebook also has admitted to funding some of the shows as examples, but says, “We want any publisher/creator who is interested to be able to create a show in the future,” a Facebook spokesperson says. “So there will be hundreds of shows at launch, and we’ll hopefully scale to thousands.”

So how do content creators get paid for their shows? Facebook says it will be through Ad Breaks, which have already been used to showcase advertising during live streams. In addition, show producers “can also create sponsored shows using our branded content tag,” says Facebook.

Facebook’s director of video product Daniel Danker says, “More and more people are coming to Facebook in order to watch a video. When they come with that in mind, we want to make a place for them where they can find that video, connect with the creators and publishers they love, and know they won’t miss out if there’s a new episode from one of those creators.”

Here’s a list of some of the original programming that will be available on Watch:

  • Tastemade’s Kitchen Little – This cooking show sees kids watch a how-to recipe video, then instruct a pro chef how to make the dish with comedic results
  • Major League Baseball – The MLB will broadcast one game a week live on Facebook
  • Major League Baseball “12:25 Live” –  A comedic look at baseball with help from the fans
  • Mike Rowe – Rowe finds people who’ve done great things for their community and gives them a special experience in return
  • Nas Daily – Vlogger Nas (Correction: Not the rapper) makes videos with his biggest friends each day
  • Gabby Bernstein – Motivational speaker and author answers fans’ life questions in live and recorded segments
  • A&E’s “Bae or Bail:” – Reality TV game show where couples face their fears and see who runs
  • All Def Digital’s “Inside the Office” – A look inside the office life at Russel Simmons’ hip-hop media empire
  • Billboard’s “How it Went Down” – A documentary series of musicians sharing crazy stories
  • David Lopez’s “My Social Media Life”  – A reality show about the social media star’s life
  • Golden State Warriors’ “Championship Rewind”  – A behind-the-scenes look at the Bay Area’s NBA championship 2016-2017 season
  • Univision Deportes’ “Liga MX” – Live coverage of Liga MX soccer matches
  • National Geographic’s “We’re Wired that Way:” – Mini-documentaries about weird quirks of humanity like songs you can’t get out of your head
  • Nat Geo WILD’s “Safari Live” – Watch live safaris led by National Geographic’s guides
  • NASA’s “Science @ NASA” – Explore science topics in quick four to five-minute episodes
  • NBA’s “WNBA All-Access” – A behind the scenes show with women’s basketball stars
  • The Dodo’s “Comeback Kids: Animal Edition” features determined animals facing difficult conditions or challenges meet people who refuse to give up on them.
  • Tommy Mac – A master woodworker gives live tutorials on how to make furniture

Facebook has given us many reasons to spend so much time on its platform and having Watch is just another way to engage fans and followers. This new platform is only at the beginning stages of what it could mean for the social media website itself and for companies everywhere in the future. This new online marketing tool is truly about to be a game-changer for social media marketing and engaging people and customers.

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