Eco-friendly Promotional Products: “Go green” while promoting your brand

Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Are you looking to produce promotional items to give away at events? Here are a few things to think about. Have you ever wondered what happens to your gifts after giving them away? Do people actually wear or even use them, or just throw them away?

Unfortunately, most promotional items just like everything else in our society end up in the landfill. The question is can we reduce the footprint of our own marketing activities? The answer is “Yes, definitely!” The best solution is sustainable eco-friendly promotional products.

For us, sustainable eco-friendly promotional products are the products that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits while protecting public health, and the environment through their entire life cycle, from gathering or extraction and production to final disposal. Fortunately, eco-friendly promotional items can be branded with your brand logo and colors, just like others. You can have your message in front of your prospects, and protect the environment at the same time.

How can an eco-friendly product improve your marketing?

If you are determined to take an eco-friendly approach to your marketing, you should know that the environmental consciousness of the products is a stand-alone strategy to a growing number of consumers.

89% of consumers choose an environment-friendly lifestyle, and sustainable consumption, including green and organic products. By implementing eco-friendly promotional products, you are appealing to those concerned about their overall footprint, while improving your brand image.

Choose sustainable products especially biodegradable, organic, recyclable items, and those made from post-consumer recycled materials.

Bamboo: a highly efficient and versatile wood replacement

Eco-friendly Promotional Products

Bamboo products rock the wood industry for good reasons. It is one of the world’s most prolific and fastest growing plants. A sixty-foot tree cut for market takes 60 years to replace. Meanwhile, a sixty-foot bamboo cut for market takes 59 days to replace.

The bamboo has exceptional characteristics and is highly versatile. For example, bamboo apparel is thermal regulating, helps you stay cooler in hot summers, and warmer in the cold winter. Bamboo fabric is a natural anti-microbial requiring no chemical treatment, breathable but still odor resistant. Bamboo is also resistant to fire and is an anti-fungal and anti-static material.

The range of options is wide since the bamboo is such a good replacer for wood: from bamboo notebook and pen, cutting boards in any possible shape to bamboo clothing, and accessories apparel!


Recycled cardboard: less air and water pollution

It is estimated that 40% of the waste in the U.S. is paper. Paper production contributes significantly to deforestation, water, and land pollution. Paper and cardboard products end up in landfill where they start to decompose and release methane gas.

Fortunately, most of them, 60-85% of all paper products are currently recycled. Recycled cardboard creates 35% less water pollution and 74% less air pollution than “virgin” paper pulp, thus making it more sustainable.

Considering this, it makes more sense to choose recycled promotional items for your events instead of plastic or other “virgin” materials. So, choose thoughtfully from cardboard jotters and cardboard pens to recycled shopping bags, sticky notes with your logo imprinted on them. Or this cardboard mousepad – calendar made from post-consumer recycled paper.


Seed paper: recycled paper and a garden

If you want to promote your business in an environmentally responsible manner, your next choice is eco-friendly promotional products designed with seed paper. It’s a biodegradable eco-paper made out of post-consumer materials imprinted with soy and water-based inks and organic pigments. Plantable paper is a unique 100% recycled handmade paper embedded with seeds that you can plant and afterward grow wildflowers, edible herbs or even vegetables.

On a seed paper, you can deliver your marketing message along with your logo: business cards invitations, postcards, holiday cards, gift packs and bookmarks, photo frames, bottle neckers paired with a bottle of wine, hang tags, coasters, and shapes.

To summarize, sustainable eco-friendly promotional items are must-have items for a successful giveaway. They are the ambassador of your cause, or brand even after the event is finished.

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Practical Ideas for Promotional Event Giveaways 

Promotional Event Giveaways

Are you looking for a way to commemorate an event? Do you want to show a special appreciation toward attendees or a sponsor you value? This post will provide promotional event giveaway ideas that help you give, while also receiving back.

Promotional items as gifts are an essential way to say thank you at events for sponsorship, business, or just simply for coming out. They are a valuable marketing tool that is always well-received and sought after. Don’t overlook bringing something as a giveaway for participants, presenters, speakers, sponsors or awardees at your event regardless if it’s a gala, a cocktail reception, or a run event.

Prepare them in advance and order enough items. The worst thing that can happen is not having anything for your attendees. Or you’ll miss a big opportunity for your prospects to interact and engage with your brand on a physical level after the event.

But how to make sure your promotional items have a strong marketing impact?

First, clarify your reasons WHY to use Promotional Products for your event:

  • To thank attendees for participation.
  • To boost awareness of your company, products or services.
  • To incentivize prospects to do a particular action: like your social page, enter your website, order a product, try a sample, or give a referral.
  • To communicate a marketing message.

Next, WHAT to give away? When choosing the right promotional event giveaways make sure to check at least one or two of the selection criteria. Our general recommendations are to use something that:

  • It provides brand awareness for your business.
  • Speaks to your attendees, is relevant to them.
  • It can be used on a daily basis.
  • It can be used in front of other people, like outdoors and in public spaces.
  • Stands out, is unique and meaningful or helpful, for instance, stress-reducing products such as coloring books, journals of aromatherapy oils.
  • It is seasonal like beach towels, flip flops or frisbees in summer, for instance.
  • Comes in the clutch, like umbrellas at events threatened by unexpected rain, mobile charges or portable cell phone power banks at events with intense use of mobile devices, a reusable water bottle that helps attendees to stay hydrated during long conferences.
  • Meet your budget limit!

Be aware of the fact that promotional products work even better integrated with direct mail. They can increase the direct mail response by up to 75%.

Here are a few key trends we are seeing in event promotional market space and some ideas for the types of items you may want to invest in for 2019. Invest resources on analyzing demographics, and professional backgrounds of your guests. Knowing the gender, age group, and fields of interest will be a good starting point when determining which items would be chosen for giveaways.

Corporate Events

While corporate events can run from casual staff parties to more formal luncheons, they have one thing in common. They will be better attended if you come up with a list of exciting event giveaways for attendees.

What can you offer? Promotional items that are entirely customizable and include custom logos, colors, and slogans as a reminder of the event. Another great idea of a cool giveaway will be a whole basket packed with goodies filled with fruits, candies, snacks or themed baskets for any occasion: from work-related promotional items to health and fitness items.   

Charity related Events

Charity related events play a vital role in raising money for the organization that it needs. Use promotional event giveaways as free handouts to help raise awareness for the cause or to sell promotional products for fundraising in themselves.

What to offer? Gifts that give back, or gifts that pledge a donation with every purchase. Depending on the cause you support, it can be dog collars or pet accessories to spread the message, and support animal adoption or a portable Bluetooth Speaker to support hearing aids research programs. You get the idea, it’s a product that supports itself, and the cause you are fundraising money for.


Promotional products are an excellent opportunity for local businesses, and corporate companies to sponsor sports events. Many marathons and running events include a T-Shirt upon registering as well as gift bags and other giveaways upon completion of the run.

Promotional giveaways can serve as an incentive to finish the run or walk for runners who may need that extra motivation. They also help to build a stronger awareness of the event locally, and throughout the year as the giveaways continue to be used which is ideal for annual events.

What to offer? Tees as a souvenir for participation as well as a run uniform, silicone handle that can fit on any bottle to help them stay hydrated, awareness wristlets to attract attention to your brand or sunglasses with a timeless style.

To summarize, event giveaways are must-have items for a successful event. They are the ambassador of your cause or brand long after the event is finished.

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$5 Promotional Products with a Priceless Experience.

Promotional Products

Looking for an effective and affordable form of advertising? Consider having small branded promotional products that you can easily leave with marketing leads, or share with those who visit your business. Something unique and recognizable that customers both loyal and potential can associate with you and your business.  

If you haven’t used promotional items before in your marketing campaigns, they are one of the most popular ways to boost awareness for your business. They are often small and simple, with only a logo, company name, and maybe a tagline.  They are a powerful low-cost marketing tool for reaching out to potential customers. They are ideal for small businesses and startups because you can produce them with a small budget and still get the audience’s’ attention.

So, why allocate a set budget for promotional items? Firstly, depending on the products you’re interested in you may be surprised to find just how affordable they are. With some being as cheap as $0.75 a piece, and costs decreasing when bought in bulk. Knowing how much money you want to spend will help you determine which products and quantities will suit your needs. You may be surprised by just how much you can get for your dollar.

Second, nine out of ten recipients recall the names of brands who advertise with promotional products. According to a 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products that engage the customer’s senses and allow them to interact with the brand on a physical level leave a longer lasting impression.  

Third, most people tend to keep the products they receive anywhere from six months to two years, and a third of consumers use them on a regular basis. Most importantly, 85% of people tend to do business with a company after receiving an item branded with its logo.

Moreover, people love receiving free stuff. Even though they are small and simple, they are still able to create a positive experience for your customers.

Since promo products can also display contact information, they can easily fill the role of a business card. Even including social media tags or a QR code can integrate them with your digital marketing efforts.

For the best results invest in branded promotional items that can be used for a longer period of time. The rule of thumb is to give away products designed to be used daily. These can be items such as pens, water bottles, calendars, bags and so on.

Include promotional products in your marketing mix, integrate them into your social media campaigns, or delight your new buyers and develop long term business relationships.

Recommended  promotional products:

Tote Bags

Promotional Products - Tote bag
Canvas Boat Tote – from $4.59

If you want a well-received promotional product to deliver for your brand, you can create custom promotional tote bags. After pens and T-shirts, tote bags are the most popular promotional product, perfect for daily use.

Actually, 34% of U.S consumers own a promotional bag. Not only will they be used and seen frequently by the recipients, but they will be seen by those who may see it on the street. Thus they can advertise your brand in a repeated and sustained manner.

Coffee Mugs

Promotional Product
15 oz. Espy Black Matte Bistro Mug -$4.12

Mugs are multi-use promotional items that can fit almost any event or campaign. According to, mugs, in particular, are effective advertising as 57% of people were able to recall a brand imprinted on a mug. Mugs are a budget-friendly choice that can deliver great value for your investment.

The most common types of personalized coffee mugs include those made of ceramic and glass as well as thermos-type mugs. For low-budget promotions choose classic ceramic coffee mugs.


Promotional Items
Softstyle® T-Shirt – $4.39

Think about the last T-shirt you wore, what was on it? The name of an event you attended? A band or university? The name of your business, perhaps? Casual work uniforms are quickly becoming a popular choice for a lot of businesses, particularly if your work is outdoors or in the service industry.

They are inexpensive, easily customizable, and once they are decked out in your logo and company colors people will recognize you from a mile away. There are hundreds of styles to choose from long sleeves to straps, cotton to moisture resistant material. They can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo or employee’s names.


Promotional Products

Stylus Pen – from $2.02

Pens are literally made to sign important documents, so what could be a  better way to encourage business growth? A good quality pen will stick with someone for up to two years and will be used on a regular basis even with other businesses who might learn about you solely through this third party.

Like T-shirts, there is a huge variety of colors and styles to choose from. You can choose from high-quality wood casing to candy color gel pens and everything in between.

Tech Accessories

3-In-1 Braided Charging Buddy –

Tech-related products easily outrank all other branded items in the current market. That’s no surprise when you think about how much our culture exchanges information digitally. These days everyone has a computer in their pocket, so why not use that fact to your advantage?

Tech accessories are popular with everyone and easy to brand. With products like thumb drives, power banks, and Top sockets, you can put your brand on anyone’s laptop or phone for your business. That puts your products within easy reach of potential clients. Choose things that are appealing, but practical.

To summarize, good promotional products are memorable, interesting, and can be kept for longer use. Visit our product tab to thousands of customizable items that are sure to impress your customers.

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How to Generate Leads with Printed Promotional Material

Printed Promotional Material

If you aren’t careful, everything you spend on printed promotional material, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, direct mail pieces, and others could be wasted.

It’s one thing to print marketing collateral out and spread it around for branding purposes; it’s another thing to generate leads out of each piece of printed material you hand out to specific audiences and potential customers.

As a business owner, you could be attending trade shows, hosting meetups and events, sponsoring others’ events, cold calling, and generally meeting many potential customers on a daily basis. It’d be nice if you make all this effort count, right?

Here’s how to generate leads with all your printed promotional material:

Always Point to Landing Pages

If you were to put up print ads in four different magazines, two large billboards, and hand out flyers or brochures to at least 10 people per day, you’d soon lose track of where your leads are actually coming from.

Was it the billboards? If yes, which one?

Which of the four magazines did your prospects read to find your number and call you?

Of all the people you handed over those flyers to (and assuming you have more than one creative designed for flyers), which of those flyers worked?

Normally, you wouldn’t have a clue unless you do something about it. The best way is to print a specific web address of relevant landing pages that you’d build dedicated to your print campaigns.

For instance, offer 20% for your magazine ads and build landing pages specifically made that match this offer. Track all leads generated off these landing pages.

Use QR Codes

QR codes have been around for a bit now, but it shouldn’t stop you from using them. QR codes have been built to bridge the gap between offline advertising and digital media.

Put out offer specific QR codes on your printed promotional material in a way that they still point to landing pages. Only now, your prospective customers don’t have to “type in” the web addresses of your landing pages. Instead, they can just scan the QR code and visit the landing page which directly pops up on their phone.

For maximum impact, create campaign-specific QR codes that point to matching landing pages.

Use Special Phone Numbers

Pointing to digital assets, such as landing pages, might not always work, as it depends on your business and the types of offers you are making.

A few businesses depend on customers calling up for an in-person visit (dermatology/skin care, health checkups, dentists, etc) or if you’d need to visit a customers’ home for an inspection first (garbage pick up, furniture removal, or landscaping). While doing this completely digital is possible, we won’t assume this would be the only approach for all companies. In such cases, using special toll-free phone numbers is a great way to allow your customers to call you. Post that phone call, you can track incoming calls, link customer data to a CRM, and manage your leads.

How do you generate leads using your offline advertising and print marketing material?  



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5 Ways to Use Graphic Design Services For Your Business

Graphic Design Services

Your potential customers’ short attention span is a cause for worry. With that being said, how do you effectively communicate with your customers? One way would be through the use of graphic design.

“Show, don’t tell,” writes Tom More – CEO and founder of on The Next Web.

Over 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. About 50% of our brains are active when it comes to processing visual information. Making it that 40% of people globally respond better to visuals.

Visuals, including videos, images, infographics, logos, and all other formats — make for a strong asset for businesses to communicate on and off the web. The growing importance of visuals now brings us to this question- how can your business use graphic design services effectively?

Here are a few ways you should be using graphic design services, the right way:

Use graphics for power branding

To begin, you’ll need powerful visual assets, such as your business logo. You would then have everything else that follows, including your website, marketing brochures, flyers, outdoor advertising, and more. Your business logo, however, isn’t branding, it’s only a part of your overall branding strategy.

Laura Lake of The Balance writes: It’s a symbol that can provide consumers with an instant and powerful brand recognition of your business and the services or products that you offer.

A proper branding strategy starts with great products or services and consistency in quality of delivery. Your visual branding assets and marketing tools only help aid the central premise you make with your products or services.

Graphic Design on Promotional Items

In this day and age of everyone being on the Internet, branded promotional items, such as mugs, pens, t-shirts, and any other promotional items you choose to use as a part of your branding and marketing strategy, have a chance to make an impact. Each item you ship out to your customers has the potential to stay for much longer than just a tweet or a blog post.

Graphic Design Services

Extend graphic assets onto ignored material

Using promotional items and branding them with your logo is common, but who says you are confined to that? In fact, you could do so much more.

Think of ways to extend your graphics assets to even more outgoing items that are normally ignored. You are already aware of how hotels tend to brand everything, from shampoo to towels. Some ideas would be to add your logo and other accompanying graphic assets onto items, such as product wrappers, invoices, printing slips, invoices, thank you notes to your customers, receipts, and other items.

Take on the web with graphics

As of 2017 and beyond, about 40-60% of all the content you develop as a part of your digital marketing efforts should be visual.

As you produce engaging and high-quality content, use various graphic elements and visual aids to create or to supplement existing content. For instance, you could turn a blog post into a video using Lumen5, or you could quickly whip out an infographic if you want to present data in a memorable and shareable way. Perhaps you could even take a blog post and convert it into a slideshow to share it on social media.

Your social media content, blog posts, eBooks, and absolutely every other piece of content will require a dose of custom graphics, images, and more.

Smart outdoor advertising

Not every business can afford to spend on traditional outdoor advertising, like billboards, for instance. Often, limitations give birth to creative methods. Instead, you could choose to advertise using tabletop creatives on locations where your potential audience is likely to spend more time at. Use printable coupons, display stands at heavily-trafficked malls, custom-printed tags that you could put up absolutely anywhere, bookmarks, on the back of tickets, on tissue papers, and more.

Where are you going to use your graphic assets on? Tell us all about it. 

 Let us help you with graphic design! We can create, and print creative Graphic Designs that will provide the best outcomes for your company when using printed marketing materials. Give us a call Today at 866-269-8328 or Text Us to INFORMATION@VERAPAX.COM!