$5 Promotional Products with a Priceless Experience.

Promotional Products

Looking for an effective and affordable form of advertising? Consider having small branded promotional products that you can easily leave with marketing leads, or share with those who visit your business. Something unique and recognizable that customers both loyal and potential can associate with you and your business.  

If you haven’t used promotional items before in your marketing campaigns, they are one of the most popular ways to boost awareness for your business. They are often small and simple, with only a logo, company name, and maybe a tagline.  They are a powerful low-cost marketing tool for reaching out to potential customers. They are ideal for small businesses and startups because you can produce them with a small budget and still get the audience’s’ attention.

So, why allocate a set budget for promotional items? Firstly, depending on the products you’re interested in you may be surprised to find just how affordable they are. With some being as cheap as $0.75 a piece, and costs decreasing when bought in bulk. Knowing how much money you want to spend will help you determine which products and quantities will suit your needs. You may be surprised by just how much you can get for your dollar.

Second, nine out of ten recipients recall the names of brands who advertise with promotional products. According to a 2016 study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products that engage the customer’s senses and allow them to interact with the brand on a physical level leave a longer lasting impression.  

Third, most people tend to keep the products they receive anywhere from six months to two years, and a third of consumers use them on a regular basis. Most importantly, 85% of people tend to do business with a company after receiving an item branded with its logo.

Moreover, people love receiving free stuff. Even though they are small and simple, they are still able to create a positive experience for your customers.

Since promo products can also display contact information, they can easily fill the role of a business card. Even including social media tags or a QR code can integrate them with your digital marketing efforts.

For the best results invest in branded promotional items that can be used for a longer period of time. The rule of thumb is to give away products designed to be used daily. These can be items such as pens, water bottles, calendars, bags and so on.

Include promotional products in your marketing mix, integrate them into your social media campaigns, or delight your new buyers and develop long term business relationships.

Recommended  promotional products:

Tote Bags

Promotional Products - Tote bag
Canvas Boat Tote – from $4.59

If you want a well-received promotional product to deliver for your brand, you can create custom promotional tote bags. After pens and T-shirts, tote bags are the most popular promotional product, perfect for daily use.

Actually, 34% of U.S consumers own a promotional bag. Not only will they be used and seen frequently by the recipients, but they will be seen by those who may see it on the street. Thus they can advertise your brand in a repeated and sustained manner.

Coffee Mugs

Promotional Product
15 oz. Espy Black Matte Bistro Mug -$4.12

Mugs are multi-use promotional items that can fit almost any event or campaign. According to Sageworld.com, mugs, in particular, are effective advertising as 57% of people were able to recall a brand imprinted on a mug. Mugs are a budget-friendly choice that can deliver great value for your investment.

The most common types of personalized coffee mugs include those made of ceramic and glass as well as thermos-type mugs. For low-budget promotions choose classic ceramic coffee mugs.


Promotional Items
Softstyle® T-Shirt – $4.39

Think about the last T-shirt you wore, what was on it? The name of an event you attended? A band or university? The name of your business, perhaps? Casual work uniforms are quickly becoming a popular choice for a lot of businesses, particularly if your work is outdoors or in the service industry.

They are inexpensive, easily customizable, and once they are decked out in your logo and company colors people will recognize you from a mile away. There are hundreds of styles to choose from long sleeves to straps, cotton to moisture resistant material. They can be screen printed or embroidered with your logo or employee’s names.


Promotional Products

Stylus Pen – from $2.02

Pens are literally made to sign important documents, so what could be a  better way to encourage business growth? A good quality pen will stick with someone for up to two years and will be used on a regular basis even with other businesses who might learn about you solely through this third party.

Like T-shirts, there is a huge variety of colors and styles to choose from. You can choose from high-quality wood casing to candy color gel pens and everything in between.

Tech Accessories

3-In-1 Braided Charging Buddy –

Tech-related products easily outrank all other branded items in the current market. That’s no surprise when you think about how much our culture exchanges information digitally. These days everyone has a computer in their pocket, so why not use that fact to your advantage?

Tech accessories are popular with everyone and easy to brand. With products like thumb drives, power banks, and Top sockets, you can put your brand on anyone’s laptop or phone for your business. That puts your products within easy reach of potential clients. Choose things that are appealing, but practical.

To summarize, good promotional products are memorable, interesting, and can be kept for longer use. Visit our product tab to thousands of customizable items that are sure to impress your customers.

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5 Ways to Use Graphic Design Services For Your Business

Graphic Design Services

Your potential customers’ short attention span is a cause for worry. With that being said, how do you effectively communicate with your customers? One way would be through the use of graphic design.

“Show, don’t tell,” writes Tom More – CEO and founder of Slide.ly on The Next Web.

Over 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual. About 50% of our brains are active when it comes to processing visual information. Making it that 40% of people globally respond better to visuals.

Visuals, including videos, images, infographics, logos, and all other formats — make for a strong asset for businesses to communicate on and off the web. The growing importance of visuals now brings us to this question- how can your business use graphic design services effectively?

Here are a few ways you should be using graphic design services, the right way:

Use graphics for power branding

To begin, you’ll need powerful visual assets, such as your business logo. You would then have everything else that follows, including your website, marketing brochures, flyers, outdoor advertising, and more. Your business logo, however, isn’t branding, it’s only a part of your overall branding strategy.

Laura Lake of The Balance writes: It’s a symbol that can provide consumers with an instant and powerful brand recognition of your business and the services or products that you offer.

A proper branding strategy starts with great products or services and consistency in quality of delivery. Your visual branding assets and marketing tools only help aid the central premise you make with your products or services.

Graphic Design on Promotional Items

In this day and age of everyone being on the Internet, branded promotional items, such as mugs, pens, t-shirts, and any other promotional items you choose to use as a part of your branding and marketing strategy, have a chance to make an impact. Each item you ship out to your customers has the potential to stay for much longer than just a tweet or a blog post.

Graphic Design Services

Extend graphic assets onto ignored material

Using promotional items and branding them with your logo is common, but who says you are confined to that? In fact, you could do so much more.

Think of ways to extend your graphics assets to even more outgoing items that are normally ignored. You are already aware of how hotels tend to brand everything, from shampoo to towels. Some ideas would be to add your logo and other accompanying graphic assets onto items, such as product wrappers, invoices, printing slips, invoices, thank you notes to your customers, receipts, and other items.

Take on the web with graphics

As of 2017 and beyond, about 40-60% of all the content you develop as a part of your digital marketing efforts should be visual.

As you produce engaging and high-quality content, use various graphic elements and visual aids to create or to supplement existing content. For instance, you could turn a blog post into a video using Lumen5, or you could quickly whip out an infographic if you want to present data in a memorable and shareable way. Perhaps you could even take a blog post and convert it into a slideshow to share it on social media.

Your social media content, blog posts, eBooks, and absolutely every other piece of content will require a dose of custom graphics, images, and more.

Smart outdoor advertising

Not every business can afford to spend on traditional outdoor advertising, like billboards, for instance. Often, limitations give birth to creative methods. Instead, you could choose to advertise using tabletop creatives on locations where your potential audience is likely to spend more time at. Use printable coupons, display stands at heavily-trafficked malls, custom-printed tags that you could put up absolutely anywhere, bookmarks, on the back of tickets, on tissue papers, and more.

Where are you going to use your graphic assets on? Tell us all about it. 

 Let us help you with graphic design! We can create, and print creative Graphic Designs that will provide the best outcomes for your company when using printed marketing materials. Give us a call Today at 866-269-8328 or Text Us to INFORMATION@VERAPAX.COM!