Email Marketing Services

VeraPax is a certified Constant Contact Email Marketing Services Provider that can help you strategize, develop, curate and execute a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing email campaign to present to your email list.

Being a certified Constant Contact Business Provider allows us to offer our customers special pricing and benefits through Constant Contact. You are provided with special access to use of online survey tools, event planning calendar & invites, social media scheduling tools, announcements and more. Plus, you are provided with resources, support and education to help you bring on new clients, increase revenue from existing clients and keep your clients longer.

Whether you’re looking for help on strategizing and developing your campaign from start to finish or if you already have a campaign planned out and are just looking for guidance on the execution, our team is readily available to meet all of your email marketing management needs.  

Be sure to take advantage of cross channel campaign offer as well. We can bundle your email marketing campaign by combining it across the board with a Facebook social media campaign and a print campaign to target all your customers in one combined effort.

Give us a Call Today at 866-269-8328 and see how we can help you!