Running for Political Office? Why Do You Still Need Old-Fashioned Campaign Yard Signs?

Campaign Yard Signs

If you are a candidate for a political office, be it the Governor, Senate, or the Counsellor, it is crucial to prepare for your political campaign in advance. First and foremost, you need to build your recognition and a good reputation among your voters.

One easy way to do that is with the help of political campaign signs. A recent study by Vanderbilt University’s Cindy Kam and Elizabeth Zechmeister shows that campaign signs result in an increase of 2% in your voters. Although the result can seem insignificant, It can prove vital when the race is tight.

Benefits of Campaign Signs

Many potential voters may not know about you and your political campaign. Setting up political signs will help in building your name recognition. Here are six reasons why you need campaign signs for your political campaign.

  1. Increases Your Recognition and Reputation

People will read your signs, consider your message, and do some research about you. This can build your name recognition among the people and even help you be perceived as a valid option while voting. It’s fact that in low-information races, a candidate’s name recognition alone positively affects voter support.

  1. Affordable and Durable

Political campaign signs are one of the most cost-effective marketing solutions you can find. They are usually made out of affordable corrugated plastic which is also very durable. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and do the job for a long time. Moreover, you can print the campaign signs on both sides in catchy colors, which increases the visibility of your sign.

  1. Puts Forward Your Message and Cause

A campaign sign ca be used effectively for putting your message and cause in front of many people. A clear, concise and straightforward message will draw potential voters towards you. A legible design, with a proper combination of words, contrast colors, and catchy images will make sure people scrutinize your sign with attention.

  1. Custom Sizes and Easy to Install

A campaign sign can be placed in the yard of a house, near a street footpath, or on a big billboard on the highway.  In all these cases, it is possible to design a campaign sign in custom shapes and sizes according to your needs. Big signs may require some basic equipment, but most signs are easy to install. Anyone can do it in a short amount of time without hassles.

  1. Involves your Supporters and Volunteers

Another advantage of political signs is that you can engage your supporters in campaigning. Hand out a couple of signs to your supporters and ask them to put up the signs in their yards to show their support. Your supporters can also upload your political signs to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. This will put forward your campaign in front of thousands of people in very little time.

  1. Helps You Reach Out a Larger Audience

When you install your campaign signs in busy streets, near crowded places like shopping malls or airports, busy intersections, and traffic signals, it gets exposed to a bigger audience. A lot of people will see your signs and get familiar with your political campaign.

Most of the drivers who stop at traffic signals take a complete look at the sign and read it thoroughly from top to bottom.


If you want your political campaign to be a successful one, you need to work on designing and placing campaign signs efficiently and properly.

Political Sign Manager (PSM) is a web-based app that helps you in planning your campaign signs and placing them effectively using updated Google Maps. Also, it allows you to keep track of your signs and reduce your sign management costs considerably.

With PSM you can upload a picture of each placed sign as proof in the Sign Management Interface and communicate the status of the sign to your campaign manager.

Visit now and register for your free trial. With the 7-day trial, you can add up to 5 signs to your campaign. You will surely get an edge over your rivals, and your political campaign will receive a much-needed boost.

Top 4 Benefits of Personalized Direct Mail for your Business

Personalized Direct Mail

In recent years, personalized direct mail has become an effective method that companies use to promote their businesses and drive revenue. Personalized communications will be the prime driver of marketing success within the next years because serving the right message to the right customer creates better customer experience and increase brand perception, which leads to a higher ROI, and positively impact the bottom line. And with a good reason. 

The following direct mail statistics show that a piece of personalized mail can help your business to grow tremendously.

✔ Personalized mail has proved to drive 5 to 15 percent increases in revenue and 10 to 30 percent increases in marketing-spend efficiency—predominantly due to better product recommendations ensured by personalized marketing.

✔ 78% of executives and marketers (51% of whom are B2B businesses) claim that integrated, branded, and personalized direct mail is a highly effective channel.

✔ Non-personalized direct mail gets 61% of credits compared to 55% social media (Marketing Charts). 

The differences between personalized and non-personalized pieces of mail prove that personalization matters.

With so many personalization software options out there now, there’s no reason why you can’t personalize your direct mail. Variable Data Printing services that can control how variable data is placed on each piece are the key component of personalization. The more accurate information you have, the better the personalization will be.

Variable Data Printing services

The Top 5 Benefits of a Personalized Direct Mail 

1. Increased conversion rates

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit: conversion. The conversion rates increase considerably with the number of personalized messages the recipients are exposed to.  

When you tailor your message to your recipients, your message is more relevant to them because it means something. The generic message is the enemy of conversions. It’s worth the extra time and small expense to assure that your piece says the right thing to the right people.

2. Increased customer experience 

Brands that know their customers offer them a better user experience. That’s because personalized communications resonate better with their needs and smooth the buyer’s journey. They treat the customer as a person, not just a name on a mailing list.

The companies that use personalization win consumers by making it easy to click purchase or try out a new product. They’ve given customers what they want, what they expect and what they didn’t even know they needed.

3. Increased lead generation 

Personalization is a key method of improving lead quality for marketers, with 60% of those surveyed saying this is a key strategy. Because 72% of consumers will now only engage with personalized marketing messages, it makes sense that improving marketing personalization is seen as being so important.

4. Greater ROI from Advertising

The personalization itself brings reduced acquisition costs of up to 50% and an increase in marketing spend efficiency by 10-30%, while revenue upticks nearing 5-15%.

Personalization is leading to positive ROI in 75.5% of businesses in North America and Europe. Retail is seeing the greatest impact with nearly 79% of retailers reporting positive ROI due to their personalization efforts.

How to personalize your direct mail pieces

Obtain as much personal information about your current or prospective customers as possible. Fortunately, there’s a vast sea of data on individual consumers today. 

Then analyze the data and leverage it to provide customized, targeted offers, recommendations, and messaging designed to appeal to the individual based on their past behavior, interests, and other data.

Next, create one design layout while deciding what variables the design can have –  different background images, or different colors, different offers or different ad copies. 

Use clients’ data –  gender, age, and birthday and their location to target the prospects located within a certain radius from your business.

Use multiple variable data: from different prices and products to different locations and ad copies. Create a spreadsheet of key data points as they relate to the design, with the placement of variable elements.

Finally, print digitally your unique and personalized mail pieces and send them out. Or find a printer, us for instance, that has also a mailing room facility to print and mail your personalized mail out for you.

Personalized Direct Mail

How to get started

A simple example of personalized marketing is the targeted direct mail you’ve probably received from your favorite store, which is likely addressed with your name. This personalization strategy allows companies to connect with consumers on a personal level, creating a connection that leads to increased sales. What else you can personalize in a direct mail:

  • Offer 

You can use personalized incentive recommendations to further deliver one-to-one experiences to your customers. Instead of sending the same offer to an entire list of current or potential customers, you can define the desired incentive range. Use the information you’ve collected from customers based on their purchasing history, and you will make your offers more appealing.

  • Images

The images and graphics of your direct mail set the mood and draws the recipient into your ad. Get images that will appeal most to each recipient and the conversion rate will grow as well. You can choose images based on the location of customers to make content familiar to them. Also, you can customize images according to the person’s hobbies and preferences.

  • Copy 

Personalization of the copy is the most obvious way to use your customers’ names and other information from your database. Tailor the content and messaging to users’ interests and actions and you’ll make it more relevant to them. 

Also, don’t forget about differences in perception of the same product between men and women. Adjust your content based on gender to make it appealing to men and women as well.

Are you convinced that the personalization is key to a higher ROI? If you’re considering adding direct mail to your marketing mix, act now. Personalization and relevance will be key to getting results, so supercharge your direct mail with digital data.

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How to Reach Customers With Your Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing

Millions of customers all over the world get billions of marketing messages collectively. That’s a lot of messages going out per person. Pretty soon, your marketing messages will be dismissed. Customers will learn to ignore the noise and move on. You have real problems to deal with, such as the modern day customers’ low attention span and ever-growing competition. Even worse, something as bad as an ad blocker will get in the way without letting your customers ever see your message. While creative marketing  helps give you an edge and to stay ahead of the curve, real (and always changing) problems will force you to get creative just in case you thought “it won’t affect me.”

Getting creative with your marketing is not an option anymore. So, how do you ensure that you keep your juices flowing and make your marketing work for you?

Here’s how:

Start with the Why

Simon Sinek – author of Start with Why and influencer – advocates the need for taking a few steps back and thinking in terms of the big “why.” Applied to business, you would ask questions, such as:

  •      Why am I in business? What problems am I looking to solve?
  •      Why should a customer purchase from my store?
  •      Why exactly is that customer paying a premium for my products or services?

Without digging in deep and finding out your “why” it’d be hard for you to unearth the awesomeness that your business is capable of. You won’t be able to make those creative juices flow without this fuel.

To get creative, you’d need a force of energy. Starting with your “why” gives you just that.

Make Your Copy Work Harder

The written word is powerful – it was, it is, and it always will be. What you write will make an impact.

Writing for others’ consideration is a poor attempt with marketing; writing to make a difference for your potential customers is something else. Powerful copy that can get you results has the ability to make people “feel.”

Most businesses only focus on writing just enough for customers to “consider” their respective products and services. To stand out and to make a real difference, you need your messages to have an impact, to change lives, and to have your potential customer think about you.

The next time you go about creating marketing assets (traditional and digital), brochures, flyers, visiting cards, blog posts, Twitter tweets, and Facebook posts, think about how you can make people “feel.”

Does your messaging help elevate?

Customers won’t budge an inch if you don’t make them “feel,” “connect,” and “embrace” what you stand up for as a business. They have options. They need a push. The only way you make that push is to hit hard on their emotions. Try working with greed, fear, status, convenience, ease of use, etc., and your marketing messages will hit the’ “emotions” of your customers.

When you get to that level of marketing messaging, there’s no stopping the marketing force that you’ll become.

How do you plan to get creative with your marketing? Tell us all about it. 

Let us help you with graphic design! We can create, and print creative graphic designs that will provide the best outcomes for your company when using printed marketing materials.


5 Marketing Mistakes You Are Currently Making

Marketing Mistakes

Marketing has and always will be the fuel that brings in a constant stream of revenue and profits for your business. Digital marketing in participator has been a game changer in the industry. The sheer power of Inbound marketing, along with the control you can eventually have on where you put in your efforts, understanding your analytics and results to make better decisions based on data and much more have contributed to its success. Sadly, however, most businesses still end up making marketing mistakes. These mistakes can cost you opportunities, time wasted, and possibly even damage the very brand that you work so hard to create. Learning what those mistakes are and how to not only fix but avoid them, is key in your marketing plan. 

Here are some marketing mistakes you may be making and what you should do about them:

Inconsistency With Marketing

Doing marketing the correct way takes resources, time, and dedicated effort. Plus, this is a reminder that you can’t do it all alone. Having said that, many small businesses only do marketing when they think they need.

  • Sales numbers seem low this season? Let’s launch a campaign.
  • Need leads? Run ads in a newspaper, magazine, or elsewhere.
  • We got more leads and customers than we can handle. Let’s stop the campaign now.
  • We have a budget for the next 3 months, what can we do for maximum impact?

Does that feel familiar?

Marketing isn’t something you do when you go low on sales figures; it’s something you do consistently, every day, each month, all year long. When marketing is done only when you are hungry for results, this becomes something called “Binge Marketing.”

Throw Money & See What Sticks?

Doing traditional marketing (offline print media, billboards, postcards, and flyers) has a few inherent problems. First, it’s cost prohibitive. Second, you wouldn’t know what works and what doesn’t. Third, most businesses can’t be consistent with it since it’s expensive.

For a long time now, most businesses were forced to spend and see what happens. Throw money at a medium and see what happens next. The only problem with that is that it’s not a sustainable way to do marketing. Now, whether you embrace offline or online media, the “throwing money and see what sticks” isn’t a good way to do marketing. What works better is when you put science, analytics, tracking, and judicious decision-making behind those campaigns. By testing, experimentation, taking the time to think through your offers, making the right moves with marketing — you put yourself ahead of your competition and also find a better way to ensure that your business thrives.

Not using Technology

Why are some companies not using online technology to their advantage? It could simply be the fear of the unknown or it could be that technology could intimidate a lot of people.

Technology helps companies do marketing better, streamline the processes, find a way to semi-automate or automate parts of a business, saves costs, and to overall do business better. With marketing alone, there’s what’s known as a “marketing technology stack” — a series of tools, apps, and software to help you manage your digital marketing efforts.

In all honestly, others have already done the hard work with coding. You have access to world-class technology, tools, and apps available now that could help you do so much more, even with limited time, budget, people and other resources.

Thinking you could Marketing, all by yourself

Marcus Lemonis, of CNBC’s The Profit, always likes to say, “A good business is all about the product, people, and process.” Without any of those in place, you won’t be able to make it through. The way businesses go today, with the lure of “self-employment, freelancing, and starting a business on your own,” it’s easy to get trapped into the habit of doing everything yourself. Don’t. At least not with marketing.

Marketing has many moving parts. Those parts have to come together to bring in the results. Document everything you do for marketing in your business. Break it down into specific processes that absolutely anyone can follow and execute. This helps you hire expert help when you need to.

Running with the crowd

Consider digital marketing for a minute. There’s so much information out there that’s it hard to known who to trust, what to specifically do to get results, and more. Most people settle for what we are all tuned to do as humans; follow the crowd. But the crowd doesn’t already do the correct thing. Chances are that their efforts are mediocre, at best. If you have to follow, duplicate the efforts of people, organizations, and publications that are doing exceptionally well online.

What are the mistakes you are making with your marketing? 

Let’s help your marketing plans! We can help create, manage and execute a creative digital marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


4 Habits That Help You Have Marketing Success In Your Business

Marketing Habits Success

If you are in business, marketing goes with the territory. You have to do it to survive in this day and age of technology. Survival, however, won’t be enough for you, especially since you want to thrive. You want profitability. You want the infinite road to business success and not just “make do with whatever happens this month.” Marketing, when done correctly and consistently, is tough, but creating habits will help you reach ultimate marketing success. 

In business, you must have complete control over your cash flow. You want profitability, you want marketing success. As such, here are a few habits that’ll help you do marketing better:

1. Etch marketing  success into your DNA

If you are a professional (which implies that you are very good at what you do) it’s imperative that your actual expertise is what you should be focusing on. That is true, but that’s only when you have clients.

To get clients, however, you end up with a basketful of tasks related to marketing that you are not “that” good at. Yet, it must be done. When you are just starting out, get into the habit of putting as much work into marketing as you would into delivering your products and services (depending on your business)

If you can’t bring yourself to do it, outsource it to professional marketers who’ll do it all for you. We can help too [shameless plug]. Whatever you do, don’t ignore marketing. It’s the key to your marketing success.

2. Get into the habit of “playing with it”

By playing, we don’t imply all fun and games. Since modern-day marketing has a lot to do with your actual implementation along with your chosen marketing stack (your choice of tools, apps, software, and services), you’ll never get it right the first time around. How and when you do it is up to you, but implementing systems and familiarizing yourself with the tools to make your marketing machine work, is a priority.

3. Connect with people

Everything you read, hear, see or feel is secondary when it comes to marketing. The primary goal of your marketing efforts is to connect with people.

Do it with social media. Put up videos or write blog posts where you share your expertise. Launch actual campaigns that you pay for. Do branding campaigns that last forever. You can choose your specific route or channels (depending on what you can produce).

Understand that everything you do (and every piece of content you’d produce, in terms for digital marketing) is only to connect with people – your potential or existing customers, your partners, vendors, employees, stakeholders, etc.

4. The habit of questioning everything

There’s a lot of information on the web that’s, at best, questionable. Because of anonymity, lack of checks and balances and because everyone is incentivized to produce content (hopefully), you’ll suffer information overload sooner or later.

That’s why it’s best to get into the habit of questioning, second-guessing, and asking for second opinions always. While you could ask your vendors or team members for the right approach to marketing if you get professional marketing help, it always helps to ask the right questions.

Participate in marketing communities, ask questions, and plan to do the right thing. While you are at it, don’t fuss too much about doing things wrong. 

Let’s help your marketing plans! We can help create, manage and execute a creative digital marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


How To Target Customers With Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons have been becoming more and more popular over time. Most, if not all businesses, might know something about them, even from just reading the name. They are a device that gives Bluetooth enabled phones the ability to receive some sort of notification that you want them to. This, of course, being a very generic description of them. But as you can probably imagine, they are losing their luster due to the fact that it does send notifications to people’s phones and force them to ping. So, in the end, what is going to become of them?

Bluetooth Beacons Used For In-Store Mapping

My guess, which is already happening is, it is becoming used for in-store mapping. This device allows you to be placed precisely, so layouts of stores and your location are very possible.

Bluetooth BeaconsKnowing this, imagine the possibilities that can come from this device.. Take Target for instance. They have built this technology into their stores and their phone app. Allowing customers to accurately be guided to a product in their store. They take it a step further by offering deals and route to that specific product.

Gathering Data

Another way companies are using Bluetooth Beacons is to gather customer data. This could be by the company itself or by vendors. This is because Bluetooth Beacons allow vendors to always be able to reach customers with real-time, location-based marketing. Think about it, going into a grocery store and you go to the soda aisle. Sitting there in Bluetooth Beaconsfront of Coke and Pepsi. Next thing you hear are two dings on your phone, both are coupons, one for Coke, another one for Pepsi. Opening up this technology allows marketers to grow into a realm most might view as either annoying or great for saving money when receiving these notifications. For marketers, however, the data gathered along with the possibility to push notification to potential customers and leading to potential sales is very appealing. This, along with the cost being so far down compared to the old ways of having to market to your potential client, are truly ideal.

With this product becoming more popular and marketers working out the kinks in their plans with the device, it will soon be everywhere, even more than it already is.

What do you think about this device? Will it fit in your marketing strategy?  

Let’s help your marketing plans! We can help create, manage and execute a creative digital marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


Why You Should Use YouTube For Your Business

Use YouTube Business

Use YouTube Business

Almost 80% (which is over 1,000 million) of all Internet users in the United States watch over six billion hours worth of video on YouTube, according to Social BakersYouTube is a must for businesses and brands that want to share stories and for marketers who want to get some traffic to their web pages. It’s also great for a business that wants to communicate with impact and to generate leads to build their business.

For businesses today, it’s all about “Don’t just say it; show it”. YouTube allows you to do just that. Millions of users subscribe to their favorite YouTube brands, celebrities, and channels every day. Every subscription is a vote of commitment from users to those respective YouTube channels.

To begin, you will need to set up a  YouTube channel as your business. Your goal is to then use the power of video and the strength of the community to help grow your business. If you’re not sure if YouTube really applies to your company, keep reading.

Here are some reasons why you should be using YouTube for your business:

Video leads to high engagement

According to TJmcCue of American Express, more than 100 million users engage with the videos they watch on YouTube in some way or form. This means that they like, comment, and share videos. On repeat engagement, they even subscribe to channels to make sure they don’t miss out on new video updates.

User engagement is the precursor to the high-interest customer base for your business. The more engaging your videos and YouTube channel is, the more potential and existing customers tend to recall your brand. They will also trust your communication and feel more comfortable to spend (when they are ready to spend).

Improved conversion rates

Christine Austin of Impactbnd said that over 52% of consumers who watched product videos stated that they are more confident about their impending purchase decisions. Businesses that use video for marketing report more than 72% improvement in conversion rates.

In essence, most of the time the sale is already done while your prospects watch your videos. By the time they decide on a purchase, they are already sold. All you have to do  is to have a way for them to make the purchase. Be it an e-commerce store, an appointment, a phone call, an in-person visit, or whatever services that your company offers.

Make those messages stick

More than 95% of viewers retain messages better when they watch a video (compared to only 10% retention with text). When you start communicating with your customer base with videos, they’ll remember your messages longer. The impact you’ll be making is undeniably impactful. This leads to a better brand recall, more confidence in your brand, and higher sales, compared to not using video.

Active video views and increasing subscriptions, watch time, retention, and engagement are all signs that you are doing well. The content you drip out, the engagement you brew up, and the overall activity on your YouTube channel are all proof that you are getting close to doing well with your marketing.

By 2019, 80% of all global Internet traffic (and 85% of all United States Internet Traffic) will find its way to video, according to Cisco.

From videos to sales

Let’s say, as a business, you care less about branding, engagement, user retention, and video views. If all you cared about was lead generation and sales, a video will still be powerful as a part of your digital marketing strategy. With tools — like Wistia’s Turnstile  — you can let viewers watch a video and sign up as leads. Another idea would be to showcase or demonstrate your products or services and have them click right through to make direct transactions with your business.

Persuasion is a major requirement for effective and sustainable sales. Videos fill in the gap by allowing you to persuade, influence, and sell at a scale that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

Are you using video as a part of your social media strategy? Tell us about it.  

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative digital marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.