Digital Marketing Specialists You Need For 2019

Digital Marketing Specialists

As important as it is to have a marketing plan for your business, there’s a lot more to it than just that to be successful. The true structure and key to success are rooted in your marketing team. It’s the people that plan, execute, modify and keep up with the marketing trends who can make or break the growth of your digital marketing. Hiring Digital Marketing Specialists should be a priority for the success of your business.

If you want to stay ahead of the game in 2019 then it’s crucial that you have an on-point digital marketing team. There are a few spots that should be filled, but it’s understandable that it may not be possible to fill all roles if you’re are a smaller company. No need to worry. Just because you’re smaller or may not have the budget for all, doesn’t mean you still can’t be successful. Instead, companies must choose the key roles that will fulfill the digital marketing needs.

Here are the 3 key roles to fill in 2019 for digital marketing:

Social Media Marketer

It’s one thing to find someone who can do social media marketing, it’s another to find someone who lives and breathes it. Social media has changed over the years. Now, it’s more than just posting content here and there without rhyme or reason. It’s important to find a Social Media Marketer who can run successful Facebook Ad campaigns, monitor and track results and produce viable content. It’s also important for them to be ahead of the trends, especially for 2019.

Video Marketing Specialist

Video Marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends in 2019. Users engage more with visual content over anything else. Facebook has caught on to this and allows for posts and ads to rank higher in News Feeds. Live streaming was a game-changer for marketing. Whether it be on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live or even Periscope, the live video took the crown and will continue to be on the rise. It’s important to hire someone who can leverage video content and stay on and ahead of the trend in 2019.

Website Developer

If your website isn’t suited for digital marketing, then it’s time to change that. Even if your website is up to par, the need for fine-tuning is always there. SEO and optimization are also vital for the success of your online traffic and tracking. Hiring someone who can constantly be on top of your website, can make or break your how smoothly your website runs. Design elements are also important, along with finding solutions to any problems that may arise at the drop of hat. Website developers understand the backend and that is really where everything stems from.

Hiring a team of Digital Marketing Specialists that can bring results in the new year is what your true focus should be. Your marketing team is the key to your business success and it will make you thrive in your digital marketing strategies.

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5 Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Thrive in 2019

Marketing Tips

The beginning of the year is always crucial for brands. New strategies and techniques are being implemented and goals are high. Even though you may be on top of your marketing, sometimes it helps to have a few more ideas and marketing tips to really help you succeed.  Here are 5 marketing tips to help your business, brand or product thrive in 2019:

Study other brands you admire

Look at other ways a brand is marketing their product and see what you admire about them. Take notes, see what and how they do their marketing more in-depth. Don’t copy them, but learn from them and be inspired to incorporate some of their techniques into yours.

Take the time to listen more

Listen to your audience. Listen more to your employees, colleagues, and peers. Be more open to seeing what they have to say and why. There could be some great ideas you’re currently missing out on. There could also be ways for improvement and also maybe advice on things that just aren’t working.

Help customers share the news about your brand, company or product

Create marketing collateral that is easily shareable by your audience. Make sure that you take the work out of it for them and make something that not only they care share without hassle, but want to share with others as well.

Communicate and engage with your audience

Do Facebook Lives, respond to comments and answer any and all messages you receive. Ask your audience what they want and why. Make sure you are not only connecting with them but truly listening and giving them want they want and need. Make sure your audience knows that they are the key component in your business.

Let your creativity wander

Yes, taking your job seriously is important. You must be professional and work hard. However, it’s also so important to take time to be creative. Let your mind wander. Take steps back, relax and even have some fun. Let your creative side shine through and allow yourself the much needed time to be able to do that. Read books, daydream, explore. Trust me, it will help make your business that much better in the long run.

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15 Signs You Need Marketing Help

Marketing Help


Being a business owner is not only hard work but also time-consuming. There are so many hats and roles you have to tend to while being dragged in different directions. Sometimes you want to be able to do it all but the reality is that it just isn’t possible for one person to do. Realizing you need help is one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make and the best place to start is to look for marketing help.

Hiring someone to help you with your marketing will not only make your life easier but it’s smart. 2018 is here and it’s digital marketing overload time. Everything is based on strong marketing strategies, social media, video and engaging content. Hiring someone who is an expert in that is a goldmine for a business owner. Not sure if you should be among the ones to hire someone on?

Here are 15 signs you need to hire some marketing help, like yesterday:

1. You get overwhelmed by the thought of advertising, social media, and planning a content strategy.

2. Your idea of marketing is spending as little as possible and expecting high results.

3. Your website gets traffic, but very low sales. It’s time to work on your conversion funnel, but you’re not even sure what that is.

4. Your website design hasn’t been touched in years. It still looks and functions the same as it did in 2010.

5. You hate the thought of having to create and send an email campaign to your email list.

6. Speaking of which, you don’t even know if you have an email list.

7. You want lots of likes and followers on social media, but you have no idea how to get them and what to do with them.

8. Bounce rate, call-to-action, click through, and impressions. These are foreign to you and sound like sports terms.

9. You still think billboards are the way to go for marketing.

10. You didn’t know there was such a thing as inbound marketing or outbound marketing.

11. Microsoft Paint and Powerpoint are your go-to tools. Wait, what’s Canva? and Photoshop is too complicated for you.

12. Believing that YouTube is only for watching funny videos or a place where kids create things on now. You don’t realize how important this platform is.

13. Not realizing that a content calendar is key to your marketing strategy.

14. You think blogs are just for influencers and you hate the idea of having to write one for your business.

15. You constantly want new followers, but forget to be loyal to the ones you already have. 

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Build a Professional Online Brand Even When You Hate Social Media

Professional Online Brand

Although social media is here to stay, that doesn’t mean everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, if you own or run a business, it’s crucial for the success of it. Maintaining an online identity is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be a burden, even if you truly dislike social media.

There are ways to make building a professional online brand less like a chore and more like a simple task. Here are three ways to navigate social media, even when you don’t want to do it.

Quality not quantity

Keep it authentic by focusing on the quality of content you are distributing instead of the quantity. Focus on the followers that are engaging with you, not how many followers you have. If you find that you have more interaction with Facebook, but your Instagram page isn’t keeping up to par, spend more time there. Yes, you need to post consistently, but you don’t need to be posting all day, every day. You just need to produce content that your followers will enjoy.

“Worry less about followers counts and more about connecting with other influencers. Stop looking at it as social media and start treating it as social networking. If you treat it as just another part of the networking process, your attitude will quickly change,” says Robert Richardson, president of Richardson Marketing.

Plan and Schedule

Just like everything else, planning is the key to social media. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant.  It just needs to be thought outposts that will engage your audience. Creating a social media calendar is the best thing you can do for this. Block out time once a week or once a month, to sit down and plan it out in advance. Then you will know what needs to posted and when. Quick, simple and easy once you know what content needs to be created. You can even schedule your posts all at once so that when it’s done, you don’t have to think about it again.

Outsource social media

If social media really isn’t your thing or you just don’t have the time or desire to do it, find someone else who can. Outsourcing your social media to an expert, someone who specializes in it, will make your life that much easier. A social media manager knows the language and art that is social media. Just like if you’re not good with numbers, you’d hire an accountant, without even hesitating. The same thing goes for social media. Paying someone to do your social media will pay indeed pay off in the long run.

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


Facebook Will Punish ”Engagement Bait”: Posts that Beg For Likes, Comments & Shares

Facebook Engagement Bait

Social Media Managers will have to be extra cautious when posting on Facebook. It’s not uncommon for a typical post to ask users for engagement. However, Facebook has announced that it will now demote ”engagement bait” aka posts that ask for likes, comments or shares.

What is “Engagement Bait?”

Demoting “engagement bait” posts is another way that Facebook is improving its News Feed. You may be wondering what “engagement bait” is. It’s when a post asks for requests from their followers. It’s usually something simple, such as, “Like our post, if you agree!” or “Tag a friend who would love this!” The reason is to ultimately get your interaction and engagement with users up so it looks better for your Page analytics.

“We want to reduce the spread of content that is spammy, sensational, or misleading in order to promote more meaningful and authentic conversations on Facebook,” the company said in a statement.

When will the change take place?

The social media platform is giving publishers and Pages a couple of weeks to adjust to the changes before content becomes affected. After that, if the content is begging or baiting users to interact, Facebook will have the total reach of their posts reduced. Depending on how much and how often it is done will also determine how hard the Page or person is hit.

According to Facebook, the change won’t affect posts that ask for help, advice or recommendations. In the beginning, they are also allowing for engagement baiters to earn their original reach back with good behavior. According to TechCrunch, “Facebook did specify that there are some exceptions to this clampdown, and that includes examples like a missing child report, raising money for a cause, or asking for travel tips, to quote the company directly.”

This isn’t the first change from Facebook. The company has made several changes recently to improve the News Feed and give users overall better experience.

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New Instagram Messaging App Is Being Tested

Instagram Messaging

The rise of Instagram has been incredible. The platform, owned by Facebook, has taken social media by storm. The success of the brand is due to its visual component and easy accessibility. This, along with their Instagram Stories feature, has allowed for Instagram to become as widely successful as it has. Now, Instagram wants to add a standalone Instagram messaging app into the mix, which creates a new channel for users and advertising.

Instagram Messaging

Instagram confirmed to Quartz that it was indeed testing a new app. The app is called Direct, and it will be for direct-messaging only, allowing it to be separated from the main Instagram app. “We want Instagram to be a place for all of your moments, and private sharing with close friends is a big part of that. To make it easier and more fun for people to connect in this way, we are beginning to test Direct—a camera-first app that connects seamlessly back to Instagram,” a representative added.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is. Facebook did something similar with their Messenger app. If you use Facebook on your phone, you now have to have the Messenger app downloaded in order to chat with someone in private.  The app now sells over 1 billion users monthly and is in the process of testing ads in Messenger as well.

Features of Direct

During the testing phase, Direct is looking a bit like Snapchat. It has become known that Instagram has based a lot of its features from what Snapchat has done or was trying to do. Just like Snapchat, the Stories and Discover tabs will be located in the new app, specifically at the top. Other features include; the app opening to the camera, people swiping to see their inbox of private messages, sending photos and videos that feature augmented-reality filters and illustrations and they can opt to send text messages instead.

Instagram messaging

Advertising Platform

It’s unknown when the new Direct app will officially release. One thing to note, however, is that when it does, it will add another platform to place advertising into. This creates a new stream of marketing to showcase your products or services.

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How to Reach Customers With Your Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing

Millions of customers all over the world get billions of marketing messages collectively. That’s a lot of messages going out per person. Pretty soon, your marketing messages will be dismissed. Customers will learn to ignore the noise and move on. You have real problems to deal with, such as the modern day customers’ low attention span and ever-growing competition. Even worse, something as bad as an ad blocker will get in the way without letting your customers ever see your message. While creative marketing  helps give you an edge and to stay ahead of the curve, real (and always changing) problems will force you to get creative just in case you thought “it won’t affect me.”

Getting creative with your marketing is not an option anymore. So, how do you ensure that you keep your juices flowing and make your marketing work for you?

Here’s how:

Start with the Why

Simon Sinek – author of Start with Why and influencer – advocates the need for taking a few steps back and thinking in terms of the big “why.” Applied to business, you would ask questions, such as:

  •      Why am I in business? What problems am I looking to solve?
  •      Why should a customer purchase from my store?
  •      Why exactly is that customer paying a premium for my products or services?

Without digging in deep and finding out your “why” it’d be hard for you to unearth the awesomeness that your business is capable of. You won’t be able to make those creative juices flow without this fuel.

To get creative, you’d need a force of energy. Starting with your “why” gives you just that.

Make Your Copy Work Harder

The written word is powerful – it was, it is, and it always will be. What you write will make an impact.

Writing for others’ consideration is a poor attempt with marketing; writing to make a difference for your potential customers is something else. Powerful copy that can get you results has the ability to make people “feel.”

Most businesses only focus on writing just enough for customers to “consider” their respective products and services. To stand out and to make a real difference, you need your messages to have an impact, to change lives, and to have your potential customer think about you.

The next time you go about creating marketing assets (traditional and digital), brochures, flyers, visiting cards, blog posts, Twitter tweets, and Facebook posts, think about how you can make people “feel.”

Does your messaging help elevate?

Customers won’t budge an inch if you don’t make them “feel,” “connect,” and “embrace” what you stand up for as a business. They have options. They need a push. The only way you make that push is to hit hard on their emotions. Try working with greed, fear, status, convenience, ease of use, etc., and your marketing messages will hit the’ “emotions” of your customers.

When you get to that level of marketing messaging, there’s no stopping the marketing force that you’ll become.

How do you plan to get creative with your marketing? Tell us all about it. 

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5 Tips To Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Gain New Followers Instagram

Instagram boasts of over 700 million monthly active users – that’s double the monthly active users on Twitter and over 3 times as many users as on Whatsapp.

While you could just share text and a few images on all other social networks and still make those platforms work for your business, Instagram demands visual content – photos, videos, graphics, images, and more. That’s also precisely why Instagram might not be a good fit for your business if you can’t extend your content creation into visual. But since Instagram is big and is baked directly into Facebook’s portfolio of products, it makes sense to be on Instagram and grow your presence there regardless of your business type or whether or not your business renders itself as a natural fit for images.

Your Due Diligence Matters

When you want to make Instagram work for you, try to milk the most out of the platform. A large part of doing this right is to do your due diligence. For instance, be sure to fill out and complete your profile 100%. Post that, add the location (especially if your business is local). Location tagging alone makes your content more relevant and engaging by about 79%.

Right from the start, get into the habit of using hashtags (those are big on Instagram) – you use general tags to help people discover your content and you also use branded tags pertinent to your business. By using hashtags alone, you’ll boost your content engagement by 12.6%. 

Share continuously. Not in Spurts

As it is true for any social network, strive to share your visual content continuously by scheduling your updates as much as possible. The only way to rise above is to be consistent at what you do. This applies to the content you share on Instagram. Most businesses make the mistake of uploading images or content a couple of times and leave it at that.

Doing content updates in spurts never helps (this is also true for all content across social, your blog posts, guest blogging efforts, and pretty much anything you do on digital marketing).

Use a combination of Images & Videos

Some of the most popular videos on Instagram are anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. The video is most effective at getting higher engagement rates with your followers on Instagram.

gain new followers InstagramWhile products automatically make for great video shots and angles, even service businesses now have ways to create short videos to help explain services a lot better than what images and text can do. What goes on Instagram can also go on Facebook and this double exposure gets you all the juice you need. Just make sure that your video assets don’t have to depend on sound or audio of any kind since over 85% of videos are watched without audio.

Images are the staple but videos get two times more engagement. Using both images and videos gives you a good chance for visibility and engagement.

Use Various Formats available

With Instagram, you have regular image-based or video-based updates that you would normally default to while sharing content. However, there are a ton more options for you. Consider Instagram Stories which boasts to 250 million active users – a format unique to Instagram which didn’t even exist a few years ago.

For the images themselves, Instagram lets you post portrait style photos and also landscape styled onesTry various formats, image sizes (as specified by Instagram), and content mix varieties to see which of those variants work best.

Time Your Content Sharing

On Instagram, timing is everything. While you strive to be as regular as possible with your sharing schedule, it’s found that audiences engage better on weekdays than on weekends. Also depending on where you are, there are specific stats that surfaced as far as the United States is concerned:

Mondays are better than the rest of the days. Posting your content at 3 PM doesn’t help much, and 9 PM happens to be the best time to post.

The results will differ but you’ll realize what kind of timing works for you “after” you start publishing and when you have your eye out for analytics to help determine the best posting schedule that works for your business.   

How does your Instagram activity look like? 

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


5 Mistakes Marketers Make Using LinkedIn InMail

Mistakes LinkedIn InMail

LinkedIn might seem much less active of a platform than say, Facebook or Twitter, but make no mistake, you are being watched. Those who follow you (and even those who don’t) read everything you publish on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

LinkedIn has more than 467 million total users. 106 million are active users, 1.5 million are groups, and the platform available in 24 languages,  which makes for more than 40% of users active on a daily basis. LinkedIn InMail, in particular, has truly been a way to reach absolutely anyone on LinkedIn.

It’s a fantastic way to get heard, make business happen, do outreach, hire people, and more. It has a ton of potential, however, most marketers and business owners don’t use it as they should. 

Here are a few mistakes marketers and entrepreneurs do when it comes to LinkedIn InMail:

LinkedIn InMail is not a corporate email

Honestly, even corporate email shouldn’t have to be so boring and rigid (but we aren’t getting there). However, LinkedIn InMail should never sound like you are addressing and writing to 50,000 slaves. There have been plenty of InMails that we’ve seen that start with “To whomsoever, it may concern”. Even a simple “Hi” works better than anything fancy you might want to try. Know why you are sending the InMail in the first place, be clear and keep the InMail short, but keep it personal.

Do your due diligence

Whatever you do with LinkedIn InMail, don’t use it for spam. Just getting that out of the way…

Now, before reaching out to be people, it helps if you do some research and find out a little about them at least. Who are they? What do they do? Where do they live? What are they passionate about?

Just a little digging around fetches you a lot of information about the people you are trying to connect with. Anything starting with “Dear LinkedIn User…” is a disaster even before you begin typing it.

Your tendency to sell

If you could make money just by shooting out template emails to hundreds or thousands of people, anyone could have made money doing it. Sadly, it just won’t work. Although sending emails or LinkedIn InMails specifically is easy enough.

This approach doesn’t work since people are programmed to avoid sales messages. We don’t like being sold to. We don’t want others to keep badgering us until we part with our hard-earned cash. When you try to be aggressive with selling, you turn people off, simply because we like to buy stuff when we are ready for it, when we can, or when the time is right.

Using LinkedIn InMail to sell is the worst thing you could do. If you’ve been trying to do it, it’s best to stop now. 

Not building relationships

LinkedIn InMail is a way for you to reach anyone on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, LinkedIn, in general, is a platform built with the sole purpose of connecting people professionally. As such, you were to use a LinkedIn email to build relationships.

As Melanie Dodaro of LinkedIn puts it, you should use LinkedIn email to let people know why you want to connect, look for ways to build the relationship genuinely by finding commonalities and seek to actually get to know the real person behind the profile. Build these relationships by being proactive – share their posts, respond to their updates, congratulate them when they reach milestones, and be their advocate.

Not Providing value first

Your first tendency to put a LinkedIn email to use is to reach out to people, explain why you want to connect, and more. If you noticed, all of that is selfish. The focus is on you.

Use LinkedIn InMail to reach out to them with a specific solution to a problem they wrote about somewhere either on LinkedIn, their blog or within a group. Send InMail to provide the data, insights, or a quick solution to something you are exceptionally good at or that which your business is based on (or relates to).

How do you use your LinkedIn InMail?

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


5 Marketing Mistakes You Are Currently Making

Marketing Mistakes

Marketing has and always will be the fuel that brings in a constant stream of revenue and profits for your business. Digital marketing in participator has been a game changer in the industry. The sheer power of Inbound marketing, along with the control you can eventually have on where you put in your efforts, understanding your analytics and results to make better decisions based on data and much more have contributed to its success. Sadly, however, most businesses still end up making marketing mistakes. These mistakes can cost you opportunities, time wasted, and possibly even damage the very brand that you work so hard to create. Learning what those mistakes are and how to not only fix but avoid them, is key in your marketing plan. 

Here are some marketing mistakes you may be making and what you should do about them:

Inconsistency With Marketing

Doing marketing the correct way takes resources, time, and dedicated effort. Plus, this is a reminder that you can’t do it all alone. Having said that, many small businesses only do marketing when they think they need.

  • Sales numbers seem low this season? Let’s launch a campaign.
  • Need leads? Run ads in a newspaper, magazine, or elsewhere.
  • We got more leads and customers than we can handle. Let’s stop the campaign now.
  • We have a budget for the next 3 months, what can we do for maximum impact?

Does that feel familiar?

Marketing isn’t something you do when you go low on sales figures; it’s something you do consistently, every day, each month, all year long. When marketing is done only when you are hungry for results, this becomes something called “Binge Marketing.”

Throw Money & See What Sticks?

Doing traditional marketing (offline print media, billboards, postcards, and flyers) has a few inherent problems. First, it’s cost prohibitive. Second, you wouldn’t know what works and what doesn’t. Third, most businesses can’t be consistent with it since it’s expensive.

For a long time now, most businesses were forced to spend and see what happens. Throw money at a medium and see what happens next. The only problem with that is that it’s not a sustainable way to do marketing. Now, whether you embrace offline or online media, the “throwing money and see what sticks” isn’t a good way to do marketing. What works better is when you put science, analytics, tracking, and judicious decision-making behind those campaigns. By testing, experimentation, taking the time to think through your offers, making the right moves with marketing — you put yourself ahead of your competition and also find a better way to ensure that your business thrives.

Not using Technology

Why are some companies not using online technology to their advantage? It could simply be the fear of the unknown or it could be that technology could intimidate a lot of people.

Technology helps companies do marketing better, streamline the processes, find a way to semi-automate or automate parts of a business, saves costs, and to overall do business better. With marketing alone, there’s what’s known as a “marketing technology stack” — a series of tools, apps, and software to help you manage your digital marketing efforts.

In all honestly, others have already done the hard work with coding. You have access to world-class technology, tools, and apps available now that could help you do so much more, even with limited time, budget, people and other resources.

Thinking you could Marketing, all by yourself

Marcus Lemonis, of CNBC’s The Profit, always likes to say, “A good business is all about the product, people, and process.” Without any of those in place, you won’t be able to make it through. The way businesses go today, with the lure of “self-employment, freelancing, and starting a business on your own,” it’s easy to get trapped into the habit of doing everything yourself. Don’t. At least not with marketing.

Marketing has many moving parts. Those parts have to come together to bring in the results. Document everything you do for marketing in your business. Break it down into specific processes that absolutely anyone can follow and execute. This helps you hire expert help when you need to.

Running with the crowd

Consider digital marketing for a minute. There’s so much information out there that’s it hard to known who to trust, what to specifically do to get results, and more. Most people settle for what we are all tuned to do as humans; follow the crowd. But the crowd doesn’t already do the correct thing. Chances are that their efforts are mediocre, at best. If you have to follow, duplicate the efforts of people, organizations, and publications that are doing exceptionally well online.

What are the mistakes you are making with your marketing? 

Let’s help your marketing plans! We can help create, manage and execute a creative digital marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.


Top Tips To use LinkedIn To Gain Sales

LinkedIn Sales

Apart from keeping tabs of trending topics on Twitter and staying connected with your personal network on Facebook, businesses have an ever-growing presence on LinkedIn and use it to up their sales. Consumers connect with brands, and brands strive to connect with both potential and existing customers. Together, it’s one busy collection of content being created and consumed by both consumers and businesses.

Talking about businesses, no other network holds more prominence & relevance as much as LinkedIn does. As on the last count, according to Fortune, LinkedIn boasts half of a billion users, spread out across 200 countries, and is now owned by Microsoft.

Using LinkedIn, you can turn your own professional profile exactly the way you want the world to know you as — whether that be as an individual, a professional, a founder/entrepreneur, a job seeker, a specialist, etc. On LinkedIn, you can also create your company or brand page and also list showcase pages.

LinkedIn can also be best used for direct prospecting using social selling or sales prospectingAs the folks at LinkedIn Sales Solutions, write:

linkedin sales

Sales prospecting is what it sounds like: Sifting through a mountain of businesses and individuals to uncover the prospects who are most likely to convert into paying customers with a little effort, like a miner panning for gold. Like prospecting for gold, it takes a lot of time. But first, it also relies on knowing where to look. Complicating the process is the changing way businesses and individuals find vendors, qualify them and make the decision to strike a deal.

Here are top tips to use LinkedIn to ramp up sales and to bring in some hard-earned cash:

Get Strategic With Sales

Sales, as we know it, has changed. It’s no longer about knocking doors and trying to dodge doorkeepers. It’s no longer about talking to as many people as you can. Sales today is social. Social selling is strategic.

You won’t be able to log into LinkedIn and start prospecting without a strategy. You get to the strategy part by walking into it blind. Try to answer the following questions so that you can position yourself better and know exactly what you are trying to achieve:

    1. Exactly what are you trying to sell? The answer should be the benefits of what you sell and not product names, brand names, and feature lists.
    2. Who is your customer persona? Who exactly fits the bill for the perfect customer? What are they listed as on LinkedIn?
    3. What resonates with the specific audience that you defined in point 2? What do they write about? What do they talk about? What do they read about? 
    4. What is the best way to reach them and to start a relationship with them?

Build, Maintain, and Nurture Your Prospect List

There’s no point trying to reach out to everyone on LinkedIn. First, not everyone is your customer. Second, spraying and praying won’t work on a network like LinkedIn where most people are busy anyway. Third, reaching out without relevance & context is futile.

Once you identify your audience and know who they are (complete with names of individuals or company names), sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Then, make a complete of your audience members/companies to start following them and to stay active with their LinkedIn updates. Start nurturing your list at scale. Maintain small talk, comment on their LinkedIn posts, congratulate them on respective job changes, etc.

There’s “social” in social selling, see?

Give before you ask

One of the biggest mistakes you can do when connecting is to “ask” for things right away.

    • Would you like to buy this shiny object I have?
    • Want to sign up for a free trial?
    • Can I send in our presentation? When can we get on a call?
    • Would you be able to add a link to my latest blog post on your website?

See where you go wrong here? You ask even before you have established a relationship. You ask thinking that the other person owes you a favor.

So, why do you ending up asking first? Because it’s easier and safer to ask first instead of just giving something away and building the sale over time and with patience. It’s almost impossible to get anything meaningful going with this approach.

The hard way — and the right way — to do it is to “give”.  Link to others’ blog posts before you ask someone else to link to you. Give valuable insights, go out of your way to help, and make a difference in their lives before you ask. 

Let’s help your business get social! We can help create, manage and execute a creative social media marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.



4 Habits That Help You Have Marketing Success In Your Business

Marketing Habits Success

If you are in business, marketing goes with the territory. You have to do it to survive in this day and age of technology. Survival, however, won’t be enough for you, especially since you want to thrive. You want profitability. You want the infinite road to business success and not just “make do with whatever happens this month.” Marketing, when done correctly and consistently, is tough, but creating habits will help you reach ultimate marketing success. 

In business, you must have complete control over your cash flow. You want profitability, you want marketing success. As such, here are a few habits that’ll help you do marketing better:

1. Etch marketing  success into your DNA

If you are a professional (which implies that you are very good at what you do) it’s imperative that your actual expertise is what you should be focusing on. That is true, but that’s only when you have clients.

To get clients, however, you end up with a basketful of tasks related to marketing that you are not “that” good at. Yet, it must be done. When you are just starting out, get into the habit of putting as much work into marketing as you would into delivering your products and services (depending on your business)

If you can’t bring yourself to do it, outsource it to professional marketers who’ll do it all for you. We can help too [shameless plug]. Whatever you do, don’t ignore marketing. It’s the key to your marketing success.

2. Get into the habit of “playing with it”

By playing, we don’t imply all fun and games. Since modern-day marketing has a lot to do with your actual implementation along with your chosen marketing stack (your choice of tools, apps, software, and services), you’ll never get it right the first time around. How and when you do it is up to you, but implementing systems and familiarizing yourself with the tools to make your marketing machine work, is a priority.

3. Connect with people

Everything you read, hear, see or feel is secondary when it comes to marketing. The primary goal of your marketing efforts is to connect with people.

Do it with social media. Put up videos or write blog posts where you share your expertise. Launch actual campaigns that you pay for. Do branding campaigns that last forever. You can choose your specific route or channels (depending on what you can produce).

Understand that everything you do (and every piece of content you’d produce, in terms for digital marketing) is only to connect with people – your potential or existing customers, your partners, vendors, employees, stakeholders, etc.

4. The habit of questioning everything

There’s a lot of information on the web that’s, at best, questionable. Because of anonymity, lack of checks and balances and because everyone is incentivized to produce content (hopefully), you’ll suffer information overload sooner or later.

That’s why it’s best to get into the habit of questioning, second-guessing, and asking for second opinions always. While you could ask your vendors or team members for the right approach to marketing if you get professional marketing help, it always helps to ask the right questions.

Participate in marketing communities, ask questions, and plan to do the right thing. While you are at it, don’t fuss too much about doing things wrong. 

Let’s help your marketing plans! We can help create, manage and execute a creative digital marketing plan that will provide the best content and results for your company using all social media platforms.