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Have you been on Twitter and witnessed someone doing a series of tweets to get their whole point across? Some businesses do it as well to tell you more about their brand or products. These tweets that appear one right after another are called “tweetstorms” and Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to create these tweetstorms more easily.

Twitter Confirmation

Twitter has confirmed that the new feature is currently being tested. This announcement comes after Twitter just upped their character count to 280. However, it still doesn’t always leave enough room for users to get their stories and opinions across to others.


It was first hinted that this new feature was in the works back in September. Twitter, however, declined to comment. The blog, Android Police, was the first to report this week that the new interface was “popping up for some users of the Android alpha app.”


Currently, it’s not available to everyone but there’s a good chance it will be brought to the public in the very near future. The way it works is pretty simple. According to Tech Crunch, “In addition to supporting more than 280 characters by connecting tweets together, each tweet stands alone and can be shared – retweeted, replied to, etc. – on an individual basis.”

How to use it

The feature has a “+” button on the right side of the compose screen. This is next to the buttons where you can add GIFs, photos, location, and polls. First, you tap the button and then you can enter in the separate tweets on their own lines, creating the tweetstorm. When complete, just hit “Tweet All” and the tweetstorm will have officially been sent. Twitter makes sure to post each tweet in the correct order as well.

Twitter Tweetstorm

It’s unknown if this will be the official look for the tweetstorm platform and when the official launch will be. All we know is that Twitter is trying to give their users what they want and need.

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